Friday, March 4, 2016

Fashion Friday - Anthropologie



When I am looking for something fun and maybe a little out of the ordinary, I know I can find the perfect thing at Anthropologie. I tend to wear classic style that lasts for years, but each season I like to add something fun and a little unexpected to my wardrobe choices. For the spring, I am looking for something light and pretty, that would layer well with a classic cardigan.

There is a whole section in the Anthropologie spring line of white lace tops and they are pretty, feminine and fun - exactly what I was looking for. I can wear any of these with a casual pair of jeans, flats, sandals or wedges and make the ordinary, something special. Now, I just have to choose which one of these I love the most - maybe you can help me pick? Spring will be here before we know it.


Decatur Tunic


Corbyn Peplum Top


Ruffled Shell


Signa Lace Top


Amelia Top


Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. My favorite is the first one:) Order two, one for me and one for you:) Have a blessed and beautiful Friday dear Vicki, HUGS!

  2. I love every one of these tops. Can't wait til it's warm enough to wear them. Have a great weekend, Vicki!

  3. Ohh! I love the last one! They are all pretty, but I don't do well with sleeveless and worrying about my bra strap slipping down :)

  4. If I was choosing for myself, it would be the first one - I love the lace detail and the shape. But I can see #2 looking really good under a cardigan.

    Oh for the summer clothes of warmer weather

  5. I loved the first one and Signa Lace . . .
    Wonderful . . .
    An Anthropologie lace top look will be perfect for you Vicki . . .
    Let us know which one you chose, pictures too!

  6. So pretty - love the Signa Lace top!

  7. The first one for sure! Love the detail on bottom when it peeks out under a cardigan! I'm going right now to order it!!!! HeeHeeHee! Good thing we live one million states away!!! Thanks for the tips!

  8. How can you pick just one...get them all!

  9. They are all so cute--I do love to look at their clothes, but we haven't got a store near here.

  10. These tops are all so beautiful! I have a pair of earrings from Anthropologie that I bought as a gift for someone else, decided to keep for myself and wear all the time!

  11. I like the first one. It looks fun and would look great with a tan.


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