Thursday, July 9, 2020


  • Sitting at an airport waiting to fly to see my daughters.  I am being extremely careful - mask, hand sanitizer, wipes, keeping away from people, window seat and will lay low at home when I return.  It seems everyone is out doing everything they want  and I’m not willing to go any longer without seeing my daughters.  Just because I am a rule follower.  They need to see their Mom and I need to see them.
  • Making a list of Florida friendly plants that I want to buy and plant soon.  I discovered a great plant nursery and have a few new types I want to try.  I’m learning in Florida that an area that gets full sun, really needs a plant that can stand the heat.  It doesn’t matter how much you try to water if it’s 90 plus degrees every day, with unrelenting sun.  Purslane and Mexican Petunias are my two new discoveries.
  • Reading book three of a fairly new detective series.  The Roxane Weary series by Kristen Lipionka is about a female PI in Columbus, Ohio and I enjoy the Midwestern setting, the feisty and flawed main character and her relationships with her family and friends. 
  • Watching Bloodline on Netflix.  I know I am late to the party on this one, but it’s set in beautiful Islamorada in the Florida Keys and it has an old Florida vibe I recognize as true to life.  Great story and family dynamics too.  Isn’t it funny that you can immediately tell a series is a few years old because of the phones (flip phones especially).
  • Looking forward to seeing my daughter and son in law’s new house that they closed on in March, right when all this covid nonsense changed everything.  When I can’t be with my daughters, it helps me to see the spaces they are living in.  Just a mom thing for sure. We like to know are children are safe and settled.  Same for Melissa when I can finally get to Michigan and see her new rental house as well.
  • Still getting a Hello Fresh delivery about once a month and still enjoying the meals.  Last night was Margarita Chicken - chicken with melted mozzarella and chopped tomatoes with basil and balsamic reduction over garlic butter spaghetti. Yum!
Happy Thursday!

Friday, July 3, 2020

Egg Roll in a Bowl

Want a simple, quick recipe that is also delicious (and low carb)?  This recipe for Egg Roll in a Bowl checks all the boxes.  What drew me to this particular version (there are a lot out there) is that it is made with ground chicken instead of ground pork.  I will eat ground pork, but I much prefer chicken.

The recipe goes together quick, in one pot and the only thing I had to buy, besides the chicken and coleslaw mix, was sesame oil.  After eating it, I would recommend one change.  There could have been a bit more sauce to coat the chicken, so next time I would add more soy sauce at that stage of the recipe.  I served this with coconut shrimp on the side and the combination was perfect.

I love Chinese food and all the flavors, but don’t always like what in does to my blood sugar numbers, so this is a healthy version that I will make again and again.

Happy 4th and God Bless America!

Friday, June 26, 2020

June (so far) In Photos

Yes, Florida covid numbers are up, but in my little Gulf Coast bubble, we are fine.  We are smart and mainly do things outside if we go out it the world.  Not a lot of words today, but a lot of pretty pictures showing I have been golfing, gardening, enjoying my beautiful surroundings and having a few cocktails on restaurant patios.

Just another month in paradise.

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