Monday, October 15, 2018

The Easiest Gumbo




Friday was National Gumbo Day and when I saw this recipe posted on Lisa's blog, I knew I had found my dish for a college football watching Saturday. We love gumbo, but I've never found a recipe that looked simple enough to bother making. And, while this recipe is not traditional Gumbo (no roux), it was very flavorful and had all the components I love. Okra is a favorite of mine, but it is not typically served in the Midwest where I grew up. I know there is a trick to cooking it well, but this recipe is very forgiving. Also, I enjoyed being able to add just the right amount of heat to this Gumbo. Too many times, when you order Gumbo in a restaurant, it's way too spicy.

I did make a few changes to the recipe. I used a can of Rotel rather than regular diced tomatoes for added flavor and heat. Also, I did not use all the chicken broth called for in the recipe to make the gumbo less soup like. Finally, instead of canned chicken (what?), I added 1 pound of chopped, uncooked chicken breast after the mixture came to a boil and then simmered everything for about 20 minutes.

This was a delicious dish and I am happy to have discovered it. You could easily use shrimp instead of chicken (or use both). The whole recipe took one hour to put together, including the chopping and did not need to cook for hours, like traditional gumbo. Serve with rice and a bottle of Tabasco on the side for those who like their Gumbo with even more heat. It really is the easiest Gumbo ever.


Circa 2013

And speaking of College football - my Spartans won over Penn State with a last second touchdown (so exciting) and that leads us into rivalry week in the state of Michigan. Michigan State vs. Michigan; where most families have some sort of interest in the game and the teams (and fans) don't really like each other. We are a house divided with 3 MSU alumni (me, my husband and our youngest daughter) and 2 U of M alumni (my older daughter and new son in law). It will be a fun week.

Happy Monday!


Friday, October 12, 2018

Fall Decor - Florida Style



Last fall, my first fall in Florida, I really wasn't missing fall decor too much. I think my house was still new and I had worked so hard to get things just so, I was in no mood to add or change anything. This fall, I feel I bit different. I see photos of front porches with mums and pumpkins and I want it all. But, that just won't work and if added now, before we cool off, mums would wilt and die, no matter how much you water them.

So, I've been doing a little dreaming on Pinterest and pinning a few quite simple coastal fall decor ideas to my All Things Florida board. Here are some of my favorites and I may try to pull off a few before Thanksgiving. (I'll share if I do)


















No orange tones, but neutrals, blues, natural elements and seashells - I like the subtle fall vibe.

Happy Weekend!


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Individual Autumn Apple French Toast {Recipe Redo}




Fall recipes should be comforting, rustic and full of seasonal flavor. This breakfast recipe from my 2016 archives is not one I have made again, but I'm not sure why. I love the chunks of apple throughout and it is a great way to use up those end of loaf, almost stale, bread slices. Yesterday, I made this with the multigrain bread I usually buy as well, and it tasted great. I did cut off the crusts and use a total of 3 smaller slices, rather than 2 larger slices.

I like that the only sweetener is sugar free brown sugar and because I don't care for things to taste too sweet, I enjoyed it without any additional toppings. However, you could add a drizzle of syrup or powdered sugar if you wanted. It's the perfect size, individual breakfast treat and definitely a delicious taste of fall.

Happy Tuesday!


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