Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Hurricane Ready or Not


It’s the calm before the storm at the moment, but we are completely prepped and ready for what comes Wednesday.  It is concerning that the track at the time I am writing this is heading straight for my pretty beach town, but there is still plenty of time for wobbles.  

Our house did well during Irma, so we feel safe and are not near any storm surge.  But, it will not be a fun night.  I am more worried about our beaches and all the pretty spots we love so much.  During Irma, our pier was damaged because of the way the hurricane sucks out the water in the Gulf and then it rushes back with force.  

We have shutters up, plenty of food and water and a generator for loss of power.  Give the beautiful Gulf coast of Florida all the good thoughts you have in the next two days.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Hurricane Ian Uncertainty


There is never anything straightforward about a hurricane’s path, so there is always a lot of uncertainty. There is preparation that is done each season, so you are ready to go and do not need to fight the crowds at the stores.  Things like food, water, batteries, etc. 

A few days before, it’s smart to fill your car with gas, get gas for the generator, get cash  and for your sanity, always get last minute snacks and alcohol if you do need to hunker down :-)

And then there is the decision of whether hurricane shutters are needed.  We now have a motorized hurricane strength roll down shade for the lanai, so that makes it easy to secure all our outdoor furniture.  The window shutters are metal and need to be secured with screws, so it’s a big job that you only want to do if necessary. So we wait a bit, to follow the updated track.  But not too long to beat the outer bands with rain and wind.

Finally to add to the “fun” we are trying to travel to a wedding and may end up following the hurricane as it passes.  I guess there is never a good time and I hate to wish it upon others, like the panhandle, but Hurricane Ian - please go west!

Monday, September 19, 2022

Saturday Shots


Fall is subtle here.  No great cool down yet, but the mornings do begin to start off with a noticeable difference. Saturday morning was sunny and just a bit fresher feeling, so I walked through the downtown Farmer’s Market, before walking on to the beach to briefly put my toes in the water.  I never take for granted that near the sand and surf is how I can start my day if I choose.  The colors of the market, followed by the always blue water and sky make me happy.  Come along with me through these Saturday shots.

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