Thursday, March 22, 2018

Quick Easter Project - Twine Wrapped Eggs




It has been forever and a day since I have posted a DIY project, but Easter is here so soon, and looking back, this has always been one of my favorites. For these Twine Wrapped Eggs you need three things: twine (colored or natural), plastic eggs and a glue gun. Complete instructions are in the link, but really all you do is wrap tight and glue as you go. It's that easy.

I think the eggs would they look perfect grouped together as part of an Easter table setting. Pastels are pretty at Easter, but if you are like me, I'm drawn to more neutrals and naturals. These eggs, grouped in a grapevine wreath as shown, along with lots of pretty spring flowers would be an easy, but beautiful display.

Happy Thursday!


Thursday, March 15, 2018





Doing: Now that we have lived in our new house for several months, we are working on some of the things we weren't in a great hurry to complete, but wanted to live with for a while before making decisions. One of those things is artwork and it's just recently that I have been feeling the need to fill some of the empty space. I don't want clutter, but have found a few unique, coastal inspired pieces that will do nicely. We also are working on getting some glass added to our front door that will solve a problem with lack of light in the foyer area. Our house is designed to be open and full of light in the back, but by living here awhile, we have discovered we would like a bit more natural light in the front of the house as well.


Watching: I know I have written many times about my love for British crime shows and I recently discovered one on Netflix that adore. Shetland is set in the Shetland Islands of Scotland and the scenery is as compelling as the crime stories. The two main characters DI Jimmy Perez and DS Alison McIntosh are just fabulous as written and acted. The accents are a challenge, but also part of the charm.


Reading: The best book I have read lately, is one I just finished this week. Force of Nature by Jane Harper is about five women who go on a corporate wilderness retreat, but only four return. The story is told in both present time (the investigation) and flashbacks (the camping trip), building up to where the two stories converge and the reader discovers what happened.



Excited About: Visitors! My guest room is getting used this month and I love it. We just love showing visitors around and seeing our favorite spots through their eyes. I love making them a tropical drink and seeing all their stress melt away as the Florida sunshine does its work.


Chateau Chantal, Traverse City

Looking Ahead: My next trip to Michigan will be for Megan's bachelorette weekend in May. It seemed so far away when we booked it, but I will be on a plane so soon and it really is the start of the wedding festivities with her bridal showers in June and the wedding in August. The bachelorette weekend will be at one of my favorite places in northern Michigan (Traverse City) and we will be doing a wine tasting tour. We can't wait to celebrate.

Happy Thursday!


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Living Like A Local



It's easy to think of living in Florida as one continuous vacation with constant visits to to beach. And believe me, it can be like that. I still pinch myself when I'm at the beach or the pool on random days, especially in the winter months. But, for a new place to feel like home, you also need some normalcy. I am equal parts introverted (I love to be at home) and social. Finding friends to do things with, either as a couple or girls outings has been slow to develop, but I can feel it starting to happen.

Last week made me feel like I am getting involved, getting out and about and doing things that the locals do.





On Thursday night, I went out to dinner and then to the Venice Theatre to see Dreamgirls. The group consisted of friends of a friend's sister, but it's fun to meet new people and everyone was very friendly. The production was good, with a local feel, but I have grown up going to community theatre, so I was ok with that. The one exception was the actress who played Effie. She was fabulous and her credits included The Lion King show at Disney World. It's definitely something I would do again and will check the schedule periodically.



On Friday afternoon, I went with a neighbor to the Venice Home and Garden Tour. It was a beautiful day and really fun to explore the homes and their tropical gardens. I was especially taken with the plant shown above (variegated dwarf ginger) and am going to look for a sunny spot to try and grow it. All of these tropical plants are new to me and I find them all so interesting.

Sunday, I invited a friend who is in town to walk with me on my usual afternoon walk and I loved showing her the shaded path to the beach that I love.

What's the saying? " bloom where you are planted "

It's what I'm trying to do.

Happy Tuesday!


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