Thursday, June 13, 2024

Tropical Rain


Rainy days and Mondays.  Starting on Monday, we have had a week of tropical rain; band after band of both light and heavy, with only a few breaks.  We were desperate for rain, but like many things it is feast or famine and nothing in between.  There has been local flooding, especially in Sarasota and Miami, but just soaking wet by me.  The good news is that the retention ponds are all full again and the grass will green up nicely when the sun returns.  More good news is that it looks like we will be returning to our typical summer weather pattern with quick afternoon thunderstorms.  Those have been missing the past couple of years and will be very welcome.  It is tropical south Florida after all, not the desert.

I am feeling a little house bound and will definitely try to make it to the beach soon.  The errands I need to run are at gardening centers, so I hope to find a dry window tomorrow for that.  Planting might have to wait, because this is too much rain for new plant roots.

Other news is that this is the start of Melissa’s bachelorette weekend and luckily they chose a different part of Florida that will be beautiful and sunny.  They will be in the panhandle in Rosemary Beach celebrating the bride to be.  Megan, her matron of honor, has worked really hard to make it a lovely time for all.  I can’t wait until the photos start appearing.  One month and 6 days until wedding day.  It is getting real.

Monday, June 3, 2024

Easy Strawberry Jam - Recipe Redo


I first posted this recipe in 2014 and have made it many, many times and with all kinds of fruit. I love it made with strawberries, but it works just as well with blueberries or peaches.  The biggest thing to remember when making jam is that you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment, canning jars or even pectin.  Make a small batch to store in the fridge.  Let the sugar thicken the fruit.  That is all.  

So, take advantage of fruit in season at your local Farmer’s market this summer and enjoy the freshness of homemade jam on your favorite toast, english muffin or even swirl some in oatmeal.  Find the recipe here.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Life Lately


We have entered the hot, slow days of summer in Florida.  The snowbirds have gone north, greatly reducing the traffic and wait times at restaurants.  The end of May is traditionally hot and dry as we wait for our typical rainy season that starts in June.  June is also the beginning of hurricane season, but I prefer not to think of that quite yet.  

After a busy April, May has been really nice and a catch up month.  Melissa’s wedding in July is becoming real, but she has everything under control and I just need to get my dress hemmed slightly and organize jewelry.  The dress has beading, so I think I don’t want to go too bold.  We also have a wedding in Chicago in June, so that will be a fun weekend trip.  It has been years since I have been to Chicago and it is a fun city. We are staying right in the heart of the city on Michigan Avenue, so a great location too.

My year of movement is going well and my yoga practices both at the beach and at home are inspiring.  My golf group has moved to the morning to beat the heat and though smaller this time of year, we still have fun.  I like to walk on the beach, but I think a beach day will happen this week.  Think of me with my beach chair right at the edge of the water to stay cool.  It is heaven for sure.

Michigan ➡️ Florida
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