Tuesday, December 12, 2017

3 Things





On Sunday, our hometown team, The Detroit Lions played our new hometown team, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and I bought tickets for the game as my husband's birthday gift. It was a really fun day and we enjoyed experiencing a new stadium and seeing the Lions win. There is definitely a pirate theme happening and the pirate ship, as well as the cannons firing, were a fun touch. One wrinkle I didn't expect was the big cool down in temperature on gameday. It was a lot colder than expected (high of 60 degrees), but the Florida sunshine made it comfortable.



My book club met last week and we discussed Lisa See's latest book. I am a big fan of all her books and this one was really good as well. The first few chapters were filled with detail about the hardships of rural Chinese village life and how so much is ruled by superstition. It was interesting, but a little slow to start. Happily, the pace picked up as change and modernization came to the village through an escalation in the lucrative tea trade. If you like her other books, you will like this one too.



The Outlander -Season 3 finale was Sunday night and I loved it so much. There was a lot to wrap up, but it was very well done and very much in keeping with the book. All in all, I have been really happy with this season. It is based on Voyager, my favorite book in the series and while there have been some scenes I was shaking my head over, my favorite scenes from the book (Ian's kidnapping and the shipwreck/America reveal) were just as I always imagined. Having read the books multiple times, it is interesting to read the opinions of non book readers and see how they perceive what is happening on screen without much of the context. My familiarity with the books will always color how I feel about the show, but at times, it is magical to see the words brought to life. I especially enjoy the small details from the books that the writers include, as well as the wonderful costumes.

Happy Tuesday!


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Holiday Q &A




I've decorated, sent my Christmas cards, pretty much finished my shopping and have been listening to Michael Buble Christmas songs on repeat, yet I'm finding it hard to get in the Christmas spirit here in Florida. It's early yet, right? Maybe this Holiday Q &A ( from The Queen In Between ) will help :-)

{1} We traveled at Christmas for many years and just got in the habit of artificial trees. This year we got a smaller, pre lit artificial tree and it went up pretty fast. I used all my old favorite ornaments and it's pretty, but still needs a little Florida pizzazz. I have an idea I will share when I figure it out.



{2} Definitely the Ginger Cut Out Cookies my girls and I baked together for many years. I got the recipe at a preschool nativity event and the spicy flavor, with just a hint of orange is so delicious. This will be the first year, in a very long time, I won't be baking, so that's a little sad.

{3} Again, we traveled back to Michigan for many years, but once we moved there, when Megan was 4 and Melissa was 1, we were always home on Christmas morning. I just love a relaxed Christmas morning with a special breakfast, stockings and Christmas movies.

{4} I have always loved clear lights, but I think colored lights are growing on me again.

{5} I mailed my cards today. This is early for me, but I combined them with a change of address, so I thought the earlier the better.

{6} A specific present doesn't come to mind, but I collect snow globes and my husband gets me one every year. Some were weeded out when we downsized, but I was really happy that my favorites all survived the move without any breakage.

{7} A good Christmas present memory is the double picture frame we wrapped up (with one side blank) to announce baby number two. There is nothing like a grand baby surprise announcement.

{8} We still do stockings both for kids and adults and always will. I love buying stocking stuffers.



{9} I still buy my girls matching Christmas pj's. Those pictures are some of my favorites.

{10} Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant. I love when it is sung at midnight mass on Christmas Eve too.

{11} Christmas Eve mass with just my daughters and husband, then returning home to open our family presents with hot chocolate (festive martini for me) and cookies. It's a nice quiet time for us, in the midst of family gatherings.

{12} Early! By that I mean starting on Black Friday, but I love on line shopping and rarely go to the mall any more - especially close to Christmas.

{13} White Christmas - it's one I watch every year without fail.



{14} Candy Cane Martini - yummy and festive!

{15} Always and including a carrot for the reindeer. We also made reindeer food (oatmeal and glitter) to sprinkle outside on the snow.

Happy Wednesday!


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thanksgiving Week In Photos {Florida Edition}
















What a great week we had! We had such fun doing all the tropical things, with a little Thanksgiving thrown in for good measure. We went to several different beaches; some for the day and some for just a bit of magical sunsets. We shopped at St. Armands Circle and in Venice, saw palm tress with Christmas lights for the first time and took a lot of group selfies. We bar hopped to all the waterfront places and as my daughter likes to say; did a pina colada tour.

It was so great to be together for the holiday and really just be together in general. In the last six months since we moved, the girls were here in July, I have been to Michigan twice and once to Pittsburgh, so while I'm happy with the amount of visiting, being together for the holiday made it all seem normal again. And, having Megan's fiance with us made it even more special.

Uprooting your life has an effect, no matter that you love your new surroundings now more than you ever thought possible. It was hard for us all to know how the holidays would be in this new normal and this was an important piece of the puzzle. Now, on to making new traditions at Christmas.

Happy Thursday!


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