Saturday, October 9, 2021

Making a Difference


When I first moved to Florida and wasn’t quite acclimated, I saw a bunch of volunteers in downtown Venice spreading mulch in the median.  My first thought was, I should do that someday.  Fast forward to now and because of my weekly volunteering for Venice Area Beautification, I will be helping on National Make a Difference Day and am even a team captain for a group of volunteers.  We will be spreading mulch in a city park and generally cleaning up and making it look pretty. Being involved in my city is important to me and using my gardening skills is the perfect fit.

And because that wasn’t enough, (I’m crazy, I know) there was a volunteer opportunity to join the horticulture team at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens (Spanish Point Campus) and it felt like a great way to experience a beautiful setting and also meet people a bit further a field in Sarasota.  It has been very rewarding, because help is definitely needed and I feel like I am making a difference.  I especially enjoy arriving in the morning before this historical campus is open to the public and when it is so peaceful.  The early morning Gulf views are a major perk too. The past two Saturdays I have been weeding a butterfly garden and how great is that for a work location?

I’m not sure where this volunteerism in me started, but it’s something I have done my whole adult life and find it extremely rewarding.  You also meet the friendliest like minded people who aren’t afraid of a little hard work.

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