Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Bridal Shower for Melissa


We are getting into wedding mode and the first big step was Melissa’s bridal shower this past Saturday. Planning something like this long distance takes a lot of coordination, but my co hosts were so helpful and the vision came together beautifully.

Melissa is a wedding and corporate event coordinator so I knew I had to step up my game and it made me very happy that when she arrived and saw the room she was thrilled and appreciative.  The theme was vintage garden party with blue cloisonné vases of different heights and styles, linen napkins, blue goblets and a lot of white hydrangeas.

We picked up the vases over time and with the blue goblets, the color really popped.  I love all things floral, so I knew having a lot of vases overflowing with white flowers would make a lovely setting.  The hydrangeas were ordered from Costco and delivered the day before.  I highly recommend how they were shipped and the amazing quality.  The other flowers were picked up at Trader Joes.  Everything was put together on site the morning of the shower in just under two hours.

Perhaps the centerpiece was the sign I had made from Etsy that was a flower box design.  I used greenery as a base and then filled it with flowers.  We added garden lanterns and a big balloon bouquet to make a pretty photo backdrop.  

We enjoyed a delicious luncheon of broccoli soup, grilled chicken Caesar salad and lemon sorbet with mini chocolate tarts.  Everyone was very generous with gifts and Melissa definitely felt the love.  It was a beautiful day.  And now, just under three months until wedding day.

Friday, April 26, 2024

Spring Things


I am in Michigan and busy with family and getting ready for the bridal shower.  But, I have taken the time to notice the signs of spring.  I love the year around green and color in Florida, but there is nothing like the new green buds and flowers on the trees and the bulbs like tulips and daffodils popping up.  After a long gray winter, it is a lovely time.

My bins are packed and I have dozens of flowers in two buckets ready to take to the shower venue in the morning.  I can’t wait to see it all come together and celebrate the bride to be.  

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Mid April Thoughts


My life lately consists of lists and more lists.  Less than two weeks until Melissa’s bridal shower and my trip to Michigan.  But, before I go, I am organizing a golf scramble for my neighborhood golf group and hosting Euchre (cards) at my house.  I do find that lists give me motivation and I have really accomplished a lot lately.  Hosting at my home also gives me motivation to deep clean and that feels good too.

The bridal shower is pretty much planned and all that I need to do is pick up a few odds and ends once I get there.  I will be shipping in advance a box of decor that I have collected too.  My best discovery was ordering flowers from Costco inexpensively to be delivered right to the house (my daughter’s house) the day before the shower.  That way I know I have the hydrangeas I need and can fill in with Trader Joe’s flowers and greenery as needed.  I am also having dinner with my sister and borrowing a few more vases. Our theme is vintage garden party with blue and white chinoiserie vases.  Not outside in Michigan in April, but you get the idea.

I also have been getting more involved in my volunteer job where I work all around the city of Venice trimming, planting, etc.  The group is going through some leadership changes and I will begin co- editing the weekly newsletter in the fall. It is basically a blog format, so easy for me.  I also joined a committee to plan the yearly Christmas decorating in one of the city parks.  Busy, but all fun.

All this being said, two weeks until I see my sweet grand daughter Audrey.  She now has her first tooth and is changing and growing so fast.  I can’t wait to spend some time with her.  She will be at her Auntie’s bridal shower, her Christening is the following day and then I will be staying at her house for a few days.  Hoping for nice weather so we can go to the zoo.

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Life Lately


It is a few days past Easter and April is already whizzing along for me with a lot on my calendar.  Melissa’s bridal shower is fast approaching and I am hoping for a flurry of rsvp’s to come in this week, so I don’t have to follow up with people.  I am working on menu cards and some table top signs and still need to place a flower order at Trader Joe’s.  Otherwise all is well with that.  3 months until the wedding!

I didn’t take any photos on Easter, but do have a few fun shots of our Good Friday.  As is our tradition, we went to Stations of the Cross and then did a mini bar crawl in the afternoon.  This tradition dates back to our parish friends in Michigan and we see no reason to not continue in Florida.  There was one big change and it was very Florida centric. Instead of stations of the cross in church, there was a procession through downtown Venice.  This was the first year for this and it was really quite special with several hundred participants on a beautiful day under a bright blue Florida sky.

Happy April!

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