Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday...cold, cocoa, etc.



It's hard to think of anything else when the weather is so bitter cold and the snow is so deep. We are having a real old fashioned winter and even my puppy doesn't quite know what to make of it. She likes snow, but when it is deeper that her body, she pretty much sticks to the path I have shoveled for her. It is going to be a long winter :-)

What did we do before owning a Keurig? Ours is being put to use, all day long, when a simple hot drink in a favorite mug can warm you up and make you feel so cozy. We make coffee, tea and lately our favorite is cocoa. It is just perfect for these cold winter days and done in just a few seconds. I love my Keurig!

I really enjoyed the season 4 premiere of Downton Abbey. There has been some Internet talk that it was boring and depressing, but I think it was a perfect start to portray how the whole household was dealing with Matthew's death. It is the little things I love about Downton - the daily life, both upstairs and downstairs. I think all the storylines of the season were set up well and there is a lot of drama to look forward to. Especially Lady Edith's ill fated romance and Lady Mary's inevitable clashes with her father over the running of the abbey.

The Bachelor is back and it looks to be an entertaining season. I could not watch it without the spoilers - it is so much more interesting when you know the outcome. Here's a funny recap that makes me laugh every week. There should be a lot to laugh at this season :-)

Happy Thursday!



  1. Hi Vicky... love you pic of your puppy!! I agree with you. I totally enjoyed the premiere of DA. I haven't watched The Bachelor in years but I did catch the premiere... don't tell anyone but I think I'm hooked again. Love the recap. She is very clever.

  2. I loved the beginning of season 4 too. TV has been so bad lately.Nice to have a quality show to look forward to each week.
    Love my Keurig too! Just ordered some more coffees and teas. I haven't tried the hot chocolate.

  3. I agree that the Downton Abbey episode was the perfect expression of the malaise that Matthew's death put over everyone - upstairs and downstairs. I'm glad we didn't have to watch the funeral and, instead, moved forward six months to see how everyone is coping. I'm looking forward to a great season!

  4. Love the picture of your sweet puppy. That is a lot of snow! Have to admit...I am one of those people that has yet to see an episode of DA! Shocking, I know!!! Have book club tonight, we read Where'd you go Bernadette." Loved it!!

  5. Love the picture of your beautiful snow. Staying on the path is a smart thing to do. I love Downton. I am never bored with it. :)

  6. Because it is so cold at your place, it is so warm at ours, they say. I always read/look at the spoilers.

  7. I had the Pres tape Downton and we watched on Monday afternoon after I got back from the gym. I loved it too...never wanted a Keurig...use a single cup coffee maker, grind my own beans, make tea, hot chocolate in it...enjoy!...:)JP

  8. I thought DA started well, too!
    D got me one of those coffee makers for Christmas and it is pretty nice.

  9. Vicki, I was prepared to not be pleased with Downton, but found Episode 1 of the new season quite good. (Though I was a bit miffed at Mary's treatment of Mr Carson. And couldn't quite "buy" that Robert and Cora would side with scheming Thomas over trusted Bates and Anna.)

  10. Cute puppy..Bad winter everywhere..Double digits are feeling really good right now..Bright and sunny too..

  11. You have made me want hot cocoa! You have the cutest dog. I've never watched DA but I did watch the Bachelor the other night. He seems like such an all around fun guy!

  12. Love this post Vickie:) Your pup is just darling trying to figure out the snow situation. The Keurig is all the rage and we almost bought one. The problem is I think I would be using it continuously! I need to watch Downtone Abbey .. it's been a busy week and I missed it! I DID see the Bachelor and I think this will be a fun series;)

  13. Your pup looks so cold! My little guy has to be carried outside to do his business in the freezing temps - he's only 4 months old. I'm finding lots of little "surprises" in the house when it's freezing like this. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be milder - thank heavens.

  14. That's a great photo of your dog in the snow...I love my Keurig...I love that I can have a different variety of coffee with each cup. The dark cocoa is my favorite, and my son loves the hot apple cider! Stay warm!


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