Monday, February 9, 2015

Being a Pom Mom




As Melissa's pompon career is winding down, it's hard not to reflect on the last eight years she has been involved in this sport. It's been an extremely good thing for her and she has grown up right before our eyes, into the confident college senior she is, about to conquer the grown up world. It is a sport with judge's opinions and scores, right or wrong in your eyes and ones you learn to accept with grace and sportsmanship, an experience that will serve you well in all aspects of life.



Being the mom of a daughter can bring much happiness, but there can also be drama. These eight years of Pom have had there fair share of tears, but I knew it was my job to be there to encourage and bring things back into perspective. Sitting in the stands for an all day competition can be long and tedious, but you do it for those few minutes your daughter is center stage and doing what she loves.



And that is what motivates you. That love of her sport that shines so bright, every time she performs with her team. No matter how big the crowd, she walked out with such confidence and it was always a marvel to me. She was able to see that all her hard work and practice brought her to that point. MSU Pom has been a big part of her college experience, and it has definitely helped to shape her into the confident young woman she is today. This Pom mom couldn't be more proud.

Happy Monday!



  1. I know exactly what you mean! We are following our Granddaughter into her College Softball days:) I think that what these girls are doing is SO good to help them into the next phase of their lives! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. Beautifully written, Vicki! Extra curricular activities, including sports, are SO important for our children's development. Some of the best and longest lasting lessons are leaned outside the classroom including self confidence, empathy and honor. We don't just want 'smart' citizens, we need GOOD citizens. Congratulations to her (and you, too)!

  3. Beautiful Vicki . . .
    Lovely daughter and lovely , proud momma . . .
    Standing beside, faithfully, encouraging . . . models for her future too . . .

  4. Hi Vicki, your daughter is so beautiful! How proud you must be of her!

  5. Beautiful post Vicki. Could not agree more with your points. Congrats to Melissa. I know you are so very proud of her.

  6. oh you should be so proud of your beautiful and dedicated daughter....

    now what? :-) will you possibly help with coaching other young girls?

    or have you put your time in? which would be perfectly understandable, too.


  7. You have every reason to be proud!!

  8. Congrats to your daughter must be so proud!!

  9. That's a wonderful achievement that will serve her well throughout life! Love that term "pom mom!" I think she looks just like you :)

  10. I always thought that would be a nail biting activity! In front of all of those people with a big smile on your face, and then remembering each new routine! YIKES! Congrats to your daughter as she ends her college days. Great pic of the both of you!

  11. ahhh, she is such a beautiful girl...I think ya'll look just alike. :)

  12. It is the best feeling when you child finds something that ignites a passion. We, as parents, do everything we can to support them and only realize when it's over, how fast the years have gone!


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