Thursday, June 16, 2016

Empty Nest Changes - Again



You know that saying "A lot can happen in a year"? Well, that is what we are living right now. In the past year, Melissa has graduated from college, started working and just recently we helped her move into a really cute apartment. She's fairly close, but she's not here, so it's a little sad and a little different. My empty nest is empty again.

There are also other big changes in the works and I am still trying to wrap my mind around them and find the words to write about all that is happening. Here's what is going on in a nutshell. My husband took early retirement in the spring, went back to work for the summer in a consultant role and once that is done we have some big decisions to make. Right now, we are getting our house ready to put on the market at the right time ( I have a list I'm working through) and continuing to downsize and make decisions about what will stay and what will go.

Tentatively, our plan is to begin to look for a home in Florida in a golf course community. We want low maintenance and something smaller, so we can enjoy life. We will be young retirees and plan on being active and playing a lot of golf. Megan will be in Pittsburgh and Melissa will be here in Michigan, so we will all have to get used to a new normal and figure out the best way to see each other, as much as possible. I'm sure we will plan on being back in Michigan during some of those hot Florida summer months and even attend a few MSU football games in the fall.

It's equal parts of scary and exciting all wrapped up together, but more than anything, it's an adventure that we can't wait to begin. Come along on the adventure with me :-)

Happy Thursday!


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  1. Excited for you Vicki . . .
    The golfing together in Florida, in an area where you both want to be, sounds wonderful . . .
    Happy changes, planning and "flying in new directions!"
    New chapters indeed . . .

  2. Exiting times ahead for all you you! Wishing you the best of luck and yes please, I'd love to come along on an adventure with you.

  3. Wow that's a lot! We're trying to get our son and wife back closer to home since they moved to Portland, OR. The big separation relly weighs on all of us and especially now that they're expecting their first child. We only see our son about 2 times a year now- and now that I'll be a grandmother I really pray they'll get closer to home again- at least within realistic driving distance! Lots of things to consider for you!

  4. Vicki
    It sounds like you are off to the races! Florida sounds dreamy and I know it will enjoy all the sunshine and golf. You are so right. It is equally scary and terribly exciting. How fortunate we Baby Boomers are to get a chance to explore new adventures and opportunities at this exciting new stage of our lives!

  5. That move to Florida will be a dramatic change for you two. My husband and I love being retired, and we stayed in our same home since our adult children are here. Happy golfing to you upon your move.

  6. I am a rather recent retiree from education. Although I am enjoying retirement, and wouldn't want to be working again full time, I often wake up and find I am looking for ways to fill my days. Neither of my children are close and I miss them like crazy. I am glad you have so much to look forward to. Enjoy the adventure.

  7. Well, I am happy to recommend Lakeland, Vicki!! Please check out Grasslands. They have an Andy Bean designed golf course and smaller condos to huge mansions in the developments. It's beautiful. So is Eaglebrook! I'm always happy to recommend Lakeland!! And everyone wants to come here with Tampa and Orlando less than an hour away, and Gulf beaches just an hour away. It's perfect here!

    1. If you are looking for a 55+ manufactured home golfing community, we have a bunch of those here too that are lovely.

  8. Exciting things ahead. I think having a home in FL to visit would be a huge draw for the girls. And, summers in MI are awesome.

  9. I feel a bit of what you are feeling without knowing exactly how YOU feel with these changes. I really took it hard when my girls moved on, especially the youngest. I can't imagine living further than driving distance from them but if one moved away I wouldn't interfere with their choices. Perhaps when hubby retires we will spend summers at the lakehouse but we'll only be 2 hours away and they will probably visiting a lot!

    I wish you all the best and hope everything works out.


  10. That's exciting AND scary! I will be along for the journey! Big decisions ahead for you and your Husband! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  11. Omg! Omg! If u move to Florida, maybe we'll get to meet each other!! I'm down there at least 3 times a yr!!!
    Sounds perfect to's always hard for me to imagine anyone living up there where it's so cold..heheh.....that being said by a coonass who doesn't own a coat or jacket!
    My friend and I ere just talking yesterday about this. How I wish I'd appreciated my true empty nest yrs more. Those 8 or 9 yrs between their college time and when they started bringing babies around. You know I love every second with my grands but man, oh man are they ever wearing me out! I'd gotten so used to MY time. Quiet. Peaceful. Doing what and when I wanted. Bliss.
    Now it's always chaos around here and my poor ol bones are suffering. 6 babies under 6. Lots of work. As I type this, I'm planning an, girlfriend trip back to beach!!!!
    Plz keep us updated on all things "Vickie retired and having a blast"!!!

  12. I will definitely be along for your ride! I've been an empty nester for a number of years, but this retirement thing is brand new to me so I'm learning as I go. It's had its ups and downs for sure! I love reading about your experiences, as they mimic mine in so many ways and I always learn something from you. Currently purging many of the things I spent my first 50 years collecting ... haven't yet made the downsizing decision, but have a few more years for that.
    Thank you for your wonderful blog - I look forward to each new edition!!

    1. I agree empty nesting has ups and downs. I saw you comment and agree. I started an empty nest blog to try to write through the changes and find new things to do. I found this artiest who inspired me because he started his career at 62-change. Blog at

  13. I love escaping winter in MI for warmer climate, so I hope you do too! Sounds like a fun journey together!

  14. I think change is always difficult but just like the whole empty nest thing (which I am still adjusting) it can be great once you get used to the change. I started my blog again and reflected change and Charles Bradley who stated his career at 62; Hope you enjoy it.

  15. Oh wow! That is so exciting, but I'm a little sad for you, too--after all the work you've done on fixing up rooms at your place! But then again, you can enjoy the process all over again in a new place. Congrats on the retirement!

  16. How wonderful! I can see why you'd be feeling a bit scared as well. We are close to being on your same situation. My oldest just got his Master's and is currently looking for a job, but as soon as he does, we'll be empty again, and that always feels a little unsettling. We'd also like to move to Florida, but we're not golfers. We are more beach people. We also want a low-maintenance home. It's an interesting stage in life, that's for sure! Good luck to you!

  17. I'm in south Florida. If you can be a snowboard and have a place down here for the winter and north for the summer. You have got it made.


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