Friday, February 5, 2021

Seize the Day


Thoughts on life today as we hopefully near the end stages of the pandemic and start to feel some hope. From the beginning, at least after I was able to do my own research and not get caught up in the media hysteria, I have not let worry about the virus overtake my life.  Yes, be safe and follow the guidelines based on science, but not so frightened that I kept to my house and didn’t see anyone.  

I live by that motto that life is short and you need to your spend your time intentionally.   My daughters needed to see me and I needed to see them.  We did it as safely as possible and I have no regrets for the time we were able to spend together this year.  Family is everything and I really feel sad for those who have not felt comfortable seeing their loved ones for a whole year.  That is too many memories lost, never to be found.

The hope comes from the vaccine and every shot it the arm is one step closer to normal.  Every time I see our Governor giving the vaccine totals and announcing new locations to receive the first shot, I feel myself silently cheering.  Thank goodness for the scientists, because this is about more than the hospitals, the economy and even the simple act of going to a restaurant.  It’s about that human connection that we all need.  

So yes, I am approaching this new year as the year to start to make those connections again.  Two things happened yesterday towards that goal.  I had lunch here in Florida with a Michigan friend who lost her husband suddenly last September.  I gave her a big hug when I saw her and have no regrets about that. Then later, I started to rebook a Key West trip with my daughters that was supposed to happen last Mother’s Day weekend.  It was something that I needed after my Mother’s passing  (one year ago ) and while Covid may have delayed it, we will wear our masks and make it happen this Mother’s Day.  

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Yay for such a good positive attitude! And how right on when you say...”too many lost memories, never to be found” that ever true especially at my age. Don’t have enough yrs to waste one.
    But as we have 2 very prone to bad outcomes children, because of their underlying conditions, we have indeed lost a yr with them. If I wanted any chance of seeing kids and grandkids, from afar, we had to stay locked down. And it’s been horrible. BUT....I got my first vaccine yesterday so I plan on some of that fear subsiding after my next shot. Kids....lookout, YaYa is going to be hugging you like you’ve never seen. Y’all may have to just carry me around in your pockets for a while!!!!
    And travel???????? Yeah baby.....girlfriend trips are gonna be back on!!!!!!

    1. I get that there were health reasons for many and that part is sad. I just hate to see so many scared and will continue to be scared even after it’s safe. Yay for getting the vaccine! I am not 65, so will be in the next phase, because I am Diabetic. They think early March and I’m ok with that.

  2. I like your breath of optimism and fresh air!
    Sounds healthy and promising . . .
    Like I said, I liked it . . .

  3. I'm one of those that hasn't seen ANY family in 15 months besides my sweet husband. Do I regret it? Absolutely. My cardiologist pretty much forbid me from going anywhere. My husband is eligible to get the vaccine now but it isn't available anywhere near us.
    So we wait. But we are going home in May to see our new house so we'll see some family then. Meanwhile, I'm cheering you on from my seat in the sidelines. Yay for you and your sweet daughters. Have fun planning and doing!
    Blessings and hugs,

    1. I’m happy you are making plans! I think we can get through anything if there is light at the end of the tunnel. And, I see that light now.

  4. Optimism and positive attitudes are what's getting me through this trying time. Hang in there!

    1. My optimism has been tested for sure, but I feel hopeful now. So lucky to live here, because when we went to Michigan it was quite depressing with nothing open.

  5. I am so glad you will be making the trip in a smart way. I have been working throughout the pandemic, I have no choice so I wash, sanitize and wear my mask all day long. It has worked so far. I just saw more record numbers in Florida on my news feed, sigh..... we will get there eventually. Stay safe.

    1. Looking at the Florida DOH site, the trend seems downward. Hope that continues as more vaccines are given. I hope spring break does not get crazy, so we can continue trending the right way!


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