Monday, June 14, 2021

Summer Reading List


I’m not sure what was happening in the publishing world, or maybe my reading tastes are changing, but I have not come up with a reading list in quite some time.  Yes, I have been reading, but have resorted to re-reading some favorite books and book series with only a few new ones now and then. So many plots are similar these days that I find it hard to press that purchase button.  I did enjoy Ruby Falls, in the over done thriller genre with the unique literary device of an unreliable narrator.  It is always a surprising ending when that is the case.

My summer reading usually takes place in the pool or in a lounge chair by the pool, because it is too hot for anywhere else.  Even at the beach, you need to be in the water. I look forward to reading some favorite series (hello again to Mike Bowditch and Ruth Galloway), as well as some new novels that sound interesting.  If you enjoyed Daisy Jones & the Six, Malibu Rising is by the same author

Happy reading - please comment and let me know if you have read or plan to read any of these. Links are at the bottom of the post.


The Great Circle

The Lost Apothecary 

Good Company

The Daughters of Erietown

Dead by Dawn (Mike Bowditch series)

Of Women and Salt

The Last Thing He Told Me

The Night Hawks (Ruth Galloway series)

Malibu Rising


  1. Lots of these look good. You are further ahead in the Ruth Galloways than I am -- I just finished "The Ghost Fields." I'm going to need to stack up another couple before I head to the cottage for the summer!

    1. I anxiously await the new one! Love her and her independence.

  2. I am planning on reading The Lost Apothecary, and Of Women and Salt
    Take care,

  3. It looks like a great summer reading list. I hope you enjoy the summer reading these books.

    1. It’s nice to have a list that I really am looking forward to reading. Like I said in the post, I haven’t found too many books I have loved lately.

  4. I liked the "old story" part of The Lost Apothecary more than the "new story." It was still a good book, though. Have you picked up The Thursday Murder Club? It is WONDERFUL. I'm trying a new series by Allison Montclair that is pretty wonderful, mysteries set post WWII in London. The dialogue is very snappy and I am enjoying the characters.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I’m always looking for a new series :-)

  5. Several of these are on my list...have you read We Begin at the End by Chris Whitaker? It's getting fabulous reviews and two friends recommended it to me.


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