Tuesday, July 18, 2023

What I Am Watching - Outlander


I have a love, hate relationship with the Outlander television series.  For the most part, I love seeing the books I have read over and over come to life.  The scenery, the costumes and the actors in the roles are pretty much perfect.  The problem comes for me in the deviation from the books.  I am not a script writer, but it seems the changes, especially when it comes to characterization, change the story too much and have me mumbling at the tv while watching.

Many times though, they do get it right and so far, this season (season 7) has me enthralled.  The writers have done a masterful job in moving the story forward, introducing new and important characters and staying true to the books.  If you know the story, there are even seamless transitions between 1981 and 1776.  The use of the letters written in the past and saved for 200 years for Bree and Roger in the future keep the family connected and make history and the American Revolution come alive.

I was talking to my sister about the current season and we both agree there is an emotional component that shines through and has been missing in some of the previous seasons.  I find the episodes fly by and I am enthralled and even moved to tears at times.  We both also agreed that based on the season so far, we have hope that the rest of this season and the final season 8 will include all the great moments in the books and finish things with us not wanting it to end.  


  1. I've never see Outlander but have heard many good things about it. We may need to check it out. Bleassings and hugs,

    1. If you love history it is really well done. And Jamie Fraser is an all time great character.

  2. The time travel sounds weird, but it is really well done and fun to see the characters in different centuries and the history of each.

  3. I loved the first few seasons of Outlander but got a bit frustrated with it too. I agree the casting is fantastic. We have not watched Season 7 but I'm sure will get to it eventually. We watch a lot less TV this time of year in general and I find if I'm away from a series for too long it doesn't have the same appeal it did when I started. Give me all the books though!

    1. This season feels more like season 1. I hardly watch any TV, but don’t miss Outlander (and British crime shows lol)

  4. I too love Outlander and watch it weekly!!! Beside that I watch British TV -Endeavour, Call the Midwife,etc.


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