Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday...too many leaves, my girls, etc.

Things I am thinking about today...

  • We are suddenly overwhelmed by leaves. I have to remind myself to keep seeing the pretty, when they are literally raining down faster than we can rake. I blew the leaves off the patio and filled three bags today and by the time I came inside, you could hardly tell I had done anything at all. We love having a wooded lot, but it really is crazy how many leaves there are. Cooper is happy to be outside and loves to play In the raked piles :-)
  • Only my Canadian friends and some of you in the north will know what I am talking about here, but I love Tim Hortons. I stopped and got an Iced Cappuccino when I was running errands the other day and it was so delicious. Their coffee is the best too.
  • This is the picture my daughters sent me from the Michigan State - Michigan game last Saturday. Early morning and ready to tailgate before the big game, but cute as can be. Rivals and sisters!
  • Game one of the World Series was last night and the Detroit Tigers lost badly. I was so looking forward to this game, but will hope for better things in game two tonight. #detroitpride
Happy Thursday!

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  1. With all the rain we have had it's sad to see most the leaves down. When we moved to WNY I'd never heard of Tim Hortons it took me until this summer to have an Ice Cap....hooked! Love their bagels too! I can't imagine life without Tim Hortons!! Your girls are such beauties! Have a wonderful day!

  2. The Tigers loss was so unexpected. My house was not very happy!! However, out boys will come back tonight!

  3. I love Tim Horton's! The mocha is my favorite & they have the best bran muffins too. Leaves is on our project list this weekend too - I haul mine to the horse pen & dump them in the muddy areas. Love the pic of your girls - we are a divided family too, lol. I don't usually watch baseball but did watch part of the game last night - gave up after the 3rd homer from Sandoval...

  4. Awww...Cooper is so cute!! And I know exactly what you're talking about with Tim Horton's :) My dad's family is Canadian and I lived there for several years...I miss Tim Horton's - now you have me thinking about it :)


  5. As I've said before...Go Blue! What a cute pic...your girls are beautiful. As for the Tigers, I am still in shock at how that unfolded last night -- we MUST get it together!! Bless you Boys (and all that stuff)!! :)

  6. Your girls are adorable : )

    We back up to woods so just let them fall then pay our lawn guys to blow them back into the woods or they go on their truck. It is a no win battle, but I love them. We have had the most gorgeous fall this year and I hate to see it winding down.

  7. I used to have a lot of trees in my former yard. Now we have woods at the back of our property. It was so frustrating to rake and in a minute...have to do it all over.The kids loved it, however. I used to get all the neighbor kids together for the last raking and have a bonfire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows. They helped with the raking...and we all had fun at the bonfire.

  8. Unfortunately the snow covered our leaves before we could get them all raked up. Now we'll have a soggy wet mess when the snow melts!

    Lovely photo of your daughters and your dog is a sweetheart. :@

  9. I've never heard of Tom Horton's. I'm assuming it's like a Starbucks? Or am I way off base?

  10. Had to stop and comment on your adorable dog Cooper. I like his name. I live in (So.) California and was wondering if I knew any
    Dtroit Tiger fans. Now, I know one. I will
    route for the Tigers on Saturday.

  11. Oh my gosh! Little Cooper is cute and the girls are adorable. Michigan State! That is really a cute picture they sent you. Is the school far from you? So..are you ready for Halloween? I always look forward to it. The Witch in me? can't be! :)

  12. Most of our leaves peaked and were forced off the tree at the same time by rain and winds. Kind of took the fun out of autumn around here.

    Your daughters are simply adorable. Thanks so much for sharing with YSB this week.

  13. I LOVE Tim Hortons. Whenever we have a friend go up north, we always ask them to bring us home some Tim Hortons. :)

  14. Love the pic of the sister-rivals!
    Cooper is an adorable little dog!

  15. Can I live vicariously through your leaves? All we have is green grass and sunshine and I miss autumn.
    Thank you for sharing,
    nancy-of the crazy 9

  16. I have a few leaves myself to rake... lovely captures of your day. :)

  17. Love Timmies! Great shots and pretty girls.....Copper too! LOL

  18. I have a friend who lives surrounded by trees and I know the feeling of being overwhelmed by leaves! keep focus in their beauty as much as you can. happy Sunday :) xxo

  19. Your dog steals the show ~ what a cutie ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  20. I saw this thumbnail in your LinkedWithin and had to come say your dog is adorable. Looks a lot like our buff cocker. Your daughters are so cute too!


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