Monday, March 25, 2013

Peeps Martini and A Birthday


A pink martini for Easter is such a fun idea and I couldn't resist putting a pink filter on this photo to make it really pink :-) This pin from my Pinterest holiday board was my inspiration, but I had to completely change the recipe, since I couldn't find the ingredients it called for. I looked at three stores for sparkling pink grapefruit juice and rose syrup, but no luck. So, I guess you could call this a Pinterest fail, except I think my version is delicious in its own right.

So, instead of Patron (tequila), I used citrus vodka from my liqueur cabinet. I also substituted some sparkling strawberry lemonade and used a splash of grenadine. I would have liked the martini to match the vibrant pink shade of the peep, but I am not sure what ingredients you could use to achieve that!

Peeps Martini

3 ounces sparkling strawberry lemonade (V8 Fusion)

11/2 ounces citrus vodka

Splash of grenadine

Place all ingredients in a martini shaker, filled with ice. Shake well and pour in a clear martini glass. Use a sharp knife to cut a slit in the bottom of a pink peep and place on rim of glass for garnish.

Saturday was Cooper's 2nd Birthday and I sent my girls this photo to make them laugh. Cooper was a little annoyed, but we all thought she was adorable.

Happy Monday!


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  1. It' fun to hand the ladies a pretty drink like this when they walk in the door for Easter dinner. I guess subbing what you have for what you don't is the way some great recipes are created!

  2. Isn't little Cooper a good sport! Cute photo. :-)

  3. Cooper is adorable . . . Happy Birthday to the boy, no Peeps Martini for him though . . .

    1. Thanks - I will save the martinis for me of course :-)
      P.S. cooper is a girl dog with a boys name - just to be confusing!

  4. Hi Vicki

    Cooper is adorable -
    He is so so cute!

    I am going away this week and so before I go
    I want to wish you and your family a very Happy Easter.

    I hope that it will be a peaceful and joyous time for all of you.

    Take care

    x Fiona

  5. This looks like it has to be my Easter cocktail :)

  6. Cooper looks absolutely dashing in his birthday get up! Have a great week. Chel x

  7. Coopers face! He looks like hes saying "just hurry up already!" lol. Was his picture take before or after the cocktail? LOL. precious.

  8. The color called to me. Love the pink drink. Will be serving that this spring-I don't know if it will be Easter but it will be soon. Looks delicious.

  9. I sure do love those peeps:) Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

  10. There's nothing like Peeps! Have birthday to the pooch

  11. Just posted about peeps. Great minds think alike! The martini looks delish. Cooper is tooooo cute for words!!!

  12. Your pup is so cute;) what a fun and pretty drink idea for the ladies. I think I'll serve this before Easter dinner!


  13. This is adorable! I'm pinning this and telling my daughter and daughter-in-law about it!! Awesome!!~~Angela

  14. What a fun drink! Saw you over at Rattlebridge Farm. Have a Happy Easter

  15. Yummy! Visiting from Fox Hollow Cottage! Pinning!

  16. Love your doggie! and the drink! :) Pinned to Saturday Dishes board. Thanks for sharing at Saturday Dishes! ~ Paula

  17. Love this drink. Thanks for linking to Saturday Dishes. I hope you'll return this week when we feature strawberry recipes. Pinned!

  18. I'm addicted to Peeps and this is a perfect addition to my collection of Peeps recipes! Sounds delish! Saw your post at Saturday dishes. : )

  19. Cute pooch and a fun festive holiday drink! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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