Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fall Gardening Plans



My gardening plans for fall involve a couple of different things this year, besides planting the usual tulip bulbs. First, I made a visit to the garden center yesterday, during a rainstorm, but found exactly what I have been looking for. I have wanted to add some fall color to my perennial garden for a while and have been looking at different varieties of sedum. This is exactly what I wanted to fit in the space, because it is lower to the ground and spreads outward. It is just starting to bloom pink and am I right in thinking that it should then change to red as the temperature cools? I can't wait to see this splash of color when I look out my window.

The other new flowers I want to plant this fall, are wildflowers at the edge of the woods in the back of my house. I found this recommendation for The Vermont Wildflower Farm from another blog (thanks Balisha) and when I visited the site, I found you could order seed based on the region you live in. I love that idea and plan to order wildflowers native to the Midwest. I haven't had any luck with the cheaper seed packets, so I am hoping a better quality mix will take root. The instructions for planting say to wait until after the first frost to scatter the seed, so I have a little time (I hope)! Won't this be pretty at the edge of the woods next summer?

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. I love my sedum! I have noticed recently that the blooms have butterflies on them:) LOVE it! Have a blessed day dear Vicki, HUGS!

  2. Hi Vicki, I have some sedum blooming now but would enjoy some pink ones. I have never had wildflower packs of seeds do much either. Usually one flower blooms and that is it. I bought daffodils yesterday to plant. Moles ate 50 of my bulbs last year so this time they get covered with wire. hugs, olive

  3. Unfortunately, more expensive seed packets aren't a guarantee of success, in my experience. But planning now and planting for your particular area is smart. Thanks for reminding me about fall planting!

  4. I hope the Sedum works for you..I know it changes color..I don't know that I've ever seen red..Wildflower packets have always been a disappointment to me..

  5. Thanks for the heads up on this flower company! I will definitely check them out.

  6. Thanks so much for the tip on Vermont flower company. Will definitely book mark it. Have a great day, Vicki.

  7. My daughter had a landscaper plant wildflower seeds at her lakefront home. They told her that the first couple of years...the things that come up would look kind of messy.....just to leave them. It's been three years and finally she is seeing some wildflowers. Mostly Columbine, Solomon's Seal to name a couple. It was hard to just leave it, but it is paying off. She lives in DC and is at her lake home every couple of weeks, so it's been easy for her to let it be.

    I plant these seeds every couple of years. I like a more manicured look...so I tend to be impatient with waiting for flowers to come. So, I go after it with a weed whacker when it starts to look messy.. This year, I am going to just leave it and see what happens.A couple of years ago, it looked so beautiful there. I have no water source in this area... and it dries out so much.By this time of year it is pretty crisp and dry. Although I've had great success with these seeds. .....I only need to leave them alone :) So, be patient.

  8. It will be beautiful. I need to get planting here soon too. Still a bit warm though.

  9. All the best Vicki . . . It is possible to create your wildflower garden. I did a Cosmo garden several years ago from seed. It was beautiful. The key for me, I think, was planting rye grass in this large area the year previous. This enriched nitrogen into the soil and made the Cosmo thrive the next year. I too have a seed company I have used and will send you that information. I have used the Vermont Company and have had good luck with them too.

  10. Oh, I wish I were surrounded by woods to do something like this! I can just imagine how pretty it would look.

    I've had Sedum for several years now, mine starts out pale pink and darkens to a brownish red. I cut it and let it dry in vases and it seems to get darker even more so. Mine gets very tall though, some plants are at least 20 inches high. Maybe I just have a different variety.


  11. No fall garden is complete without sedum in my opinion. This low variety looks very interesting. I'll have to watch for them in the nursery in town.

    Haven't tried the meadow seeds. They always look so lovely. It's going to be interesting to see what kinds of flowers you'll have.


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