Friday, January 16, 2015

Winter Reading List





There is just something special about having a good book to read on a winter day. The snow may be falling outside, but you are cozy and warm inside, next to the fire and a cup of something warm nearby. Before Kindle, I would be happy to have a stack of books from the library. Now, I am happy to have a list of books on my wish list, just waiting to be downloaded whenever I am ready. Reading is my happy place when cabin fever strikes.



An old favorite mystery series has a new offering in February and I always look forward to catching up with life in Lake Eden, Minnesota and cookie baker Hannah Swensen. There is murder, mayhem and cookie recipes; all in one book.



A new Jane Green novel, Saving Grace is out now and is next on my list to start reading. I always have enjoyed her writing style; a perfect mix of seriousness and humor. I also love her take on American life from her British perspective.



The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins is getting very good reviews and is being called the best psychological thriller of the year. It is being compared to both Gone Girl and Alfred Hichcock's Rear Window. Also, all the reviews say you will not be able to stop reading once you start - my favorite kind of book.

Happy reading!



  1. Great . . . I love your book suggestions . . .
    I just started reading The Goldfinch . . . (I know . . . a few years behind!)
    The psychological thriller I might be in the mood for . . . (Scary thought . . .)
    Thanks Vicki . . . a Good Read is just the best ever on a cold winter day!

  2. A good book and a warm fire makes the Winter blues fade away:) Enjoy your day dear Vicki, HUGS!

  3. Always love your book posts. And could not agree more with that quote.

  4. Hi Vicki :)

    Two wonderful books .. both of which I'd like to read. I am still finishing Dirty Little Lies and it's taking me forever to get through it. Wonderful quote! Have a nice weekend :) xxleslie

  5. I got my Kindle fired up. Who knows? Maybe I'll start to read.

  6. Jane Green's book and The Girl on the train are on my list. I'm reading Landline now and enjoying every minute of it! Have a great weekend!!

  7. Love the quote - especially the part about tea! ;-) Downton Abbey related books currently provide my reading enjoyment.

  8. I will be looking these up on Amazon!! Thanks for the reviews!

  9. I do look forward to that last one! I've heard good buzz for it...

  10. We are two peas in a pod. I would read much more than I do...2-3 hours a day (?) but I think I get too stiff sitting in one place too long. Still, I devour books in the winter. The last one...I read a few reviews and I'm going to add it to the long list in my Nook library. No wish list for me...I just order them! Still, I miss that stack on my nightstand.

    I'll check out the first one. I read one book by Jane Green years ago...I was a little disappointed in the the lack of getting the real "feel" of the characters. I won't judge her on that...I may look at this one.

    Jane x

  11. I just set myself a 2015 reading challenge over at GoodReads. I may need to add these to my list. I am loving that I can borrow books from the local library on my Kindle. My pocketbook loves it too. Enjoy your reading.

  12. I'm reading Girl on a Train now. Pretty good. A little confusing but you have to stay with it!

  13. I have Girl on A Train on my list. I've heard it's very dark. I just read The Martian by Andy Weir and highly recommend. It has gotten fabulous reviews, and is very, very different from anything I've read. Described as sort of Apollo 13 meets Castaway. I'm not a sci-fi girl, but this book had me hooked from the get go, and I loved it. The film version will be out in November with Matt Damon, so I kind of pictured him in the role as I read : )

    I read a recipe/mystery series by Diane Mott Davidson, set in 'Aspen' CO. They're fun reads and some really great recipes. She's a full time caterer, part time sleuth and should be read in order. They're an older series-I believe the first one is Catering to Nobody. Also, have you every read the mystery series featuring Jane Whitefield, by Thomas Perry? Also-older (although there is a new one out now) and they are excellent. One of my all time favorites. First one is called Vanishing Act. So so good!!


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