Friday, August 24, 2018

My Daughter's Wedding {Part 3}




When we first began talking about Megan and Adam's wedding, Megan had some definite ideas about what she wanted. Simple, modern, elegant and not too big. Neutral colors, greenery and nothing over the top. The florist even had a name for the look - modern botanical. Quality vendors, good food, plated service and a venue that wasn't the typical hotel ballroom. I got really teary eyed only once and it was when I walked into the venue space and saw that everything had come together exactly like she had hoped.

The Grand Rapids Downtown Market is an urban venue with a first floor food market open to the public and a reception space on the second floor. There is a rooftop greenhouse where we were able to hold our cocktail hour and a ballroom filled with light from floor to ceiling windows and wrap around terraces overlooking the city. Our guests couldn't stop raving about what a great space it was. We were able to acheive our goal of an elegant reception, but also far from stuffy. The dance floor was full all night and our guests were able to enjoy the terrace, since we were lucky to have beautiful Michigan weather.

Again, the photos are ones that family and friends were kind enough to take and share with us. There are many details I wish I could show you, but those will have to wait for the professional shots from our photographer. I don't have a photo of the wedding cake or the cookie table, but it looked amazing and brought the cookie table tradition (the tradition is for family to bake dozens of cookies, but we got ours from a bakery) straight from Megan and Adam's home in Pittsburgh. The mixture of farm tables and round tables were perfect for the space and the simplicity of the greenery fit beautifully with the wood on the tables and the accent walls.

I hope you can see, through these photos, the love, fun and joy that our family and friends felt on a night we will never forget.


Cocktail Hour in a rooftop greenhouse - Grand Rapids Downtown Market









Ballroom - Grand Rapids Downtown Market







Good Friends




Dancing Grandpa






After Party at The B.O.B.



Packing up our cars the morning after the wedding.

Still smiling.


As I write this post, almost two weeks have gone by, the newlyweds are back from their honeymoon in St. Lucia and normal life resumes. Look for the professional photos from our photographer in a few months.

Thank you for all your sweet comments and have a wonderful weekend!




  1. The rooftop for the cocktail hour was wonderful. Tons of light. I liked the wood bar adds a casual elegance. Looked like everyone had fun. Enjoyed seeing the bride and grandpa dancing

    Enjoy your weekend


  2. Perfect venue . . . Downtown Market . .
    Love the “snapshots” . . .
    Love, fun, happy . . . shines in all, everything . . .
    Thanks Vicki for keeping me/us in the “wedding loop.”

  3. Hands down that's the most elegant and airy reception I've ever seen--beautifully designed and chosen!

  4. Thanks for sharing your daughter's wedding! Looks all had a great time

  5. You are right that we can definitely see the love and the fun! The venue is perfect. You looked fabulous, by the way! Beautiful bride, faces full of love, and obviously perfection in every corner!! I can't wait to see the cookies! I've only had one Pittsburgh wedding experience. The cookie room was new to me and so much fun!

  6. Every moment of the wedding looks perfect. Everyone looks so happy that this special couple are together and spreading their love. Congrats to all of you for such a wonderful event.

  7. What a great venue. It looks just beautiful and I can see they did things well. I've been to the market often and knew they had that upper floor but I had no idea they used it for receptions. That's terrific.

  8. Gorgeous Wedding! Love the setting, peaceful! I think that is the perfect way to start a new life together. Enjoy your day dear friend! Hugs

  9. Looks like a fabulous space! And a Pimms cocktail : ) I haven't had that combo but Pimms is a favorite of mine. Everything looks beautiful! How many guests did you have. My daughter and future son-in-law are trying to have a 'smaller' wedding but it's challenging with large families.


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