Thursday, September 13, 2018

This and That




The photos are starting to come in from our photographer and I couldn't love this one more. It just captures all the emotion of being a mother of the bride and making sure your daughter looks just right on her wedding day. This will be going in a frame.



A little hot and sweaty at the end of our round, but we had a fun morning on the golf course for my husband's birthday. Golf in Florida this time of year is an adventure and you learn to get your round in early in the day to beat both the heat and the inevitable late afternoon thunderstorms. We had a nice lunch in the clubhouse grill, followed by ice cream from an orange grove farm stand nearby. Low key, but that's how he likes it.


I forgot to take a photo, but last night I helped to start a Bunco group in my neighborhood. A little different from my old group, because we play in our clubhouse and different people may sign up each month, but it's a great way to meet people. I had to teach the group how to play during the first few rounds, but since I've been playing for about 25 years between 2 different groups in two different states, I know all the ins and outs.


Watched on Netflix over the summer:



Marcella season two is a show I had a love/hate relationship while watching. It's a great British police show (my favorite) and the acting is amazing, but it's oh so dark and twisty. The finale lost me for a while, but they reeled me back in at the end and I want to watch season 3.



There is a new season of The Great British Baking Show on Netflix, even though an older season was just shown on PBS. Confused? Me too! But, the Netflix season is the newest version from the UK and the new judge and hosts are not bad. It seems like a softer version of Paul and I don't mind the new judge, Pru. The new hosts are a strange choice and do not seem to go together personality wise, but they grew on me as the season went along. Still the same amazing bakes and sweet, quirky contestants.



The last book in the Shetland series was available on Amazon this month and I read it with both enjoyment and sadness. I think this police series is one of my all time favorites and I knew while I was reading it, I would be saying goodbye to the characters at the end. Luckily, there is still the television series to look forward to and I hope it continues for some time. I'm not ready to leave DI Jimmy Perez and the beautiful Shetland Islands.



I did buy one thing from the Lilly sale, but I waited until the last day to avoid the madness of waiting in a virtual line. I didn't want anything specific, so while a lot of items had limited sizes in stock at that point, there were still plenty of choices. Also, I used a gift certificate, so it was practically free :-)

Happy Thursday! When you read this, I will be packing and getting ready to leave for the airport and a quick trip to Michigan for a good friend's son's wedding. I'll be seeing a lot of other friends too, so it will be a great time. I also get to see my daughter, Melissa, albeit briefly, but I'll take what I can get.



  1. The Lilly sale began on my birthday and I did not want to wait either. We went out for breakfast and did a few other things and I was able to get on in the afternoon and I too only purchased one item.
    I do hope that you like your purchase.
    Great photo of you and your daughter--special.

  2. That first photo is ever so charming. I am watching the British baking show in a season that is the last for the great team of Paul and Mary. I know Mary is replaced in the current season, and is Paul also replaced? They have great chemistry on screen.

  3. Such a sweet’ll cherish forever!
    I’m flying south and you’re flying north...maybe one day we’ll meet in the middle!!

  4. Really sweet mother/daughter picture . . .
    I can see the love and emotion in each of your faces . . .
    Love the Zlilly Pulitzer dress . . .
    Great when a bargain happens with a gift card too.
    Happy trip back to Michigan. Gorgeous weather here right now!
    Happy Birthday to your husband.

  5. I love the photo of you and your daughter ~ precious!

  6. Safe travels and have fun!! Joe and I love the series Marcella! The wedding photo of you and the bride... wow! Beautiful.

  7. Fun way to celebrate your husband's b'day! Safe travels for the wedding and enjoy the visit with your daughter! HUGS!

  8. I'll be curious to see the new baking show. I feel bad everything fell through with Mary and the Sue and Mel. I'm glad to hear it's good, though. Too many things on netflix to watch!


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