Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Road Trip




Any Florida Gator alumni or fans reading today? On Saturday, we took a road trip to Gainsville for the MSU versus University of Florida basketball game. When we were living in Michigan, though we didn't have season tickets for basketball, we still made it to quite a few games. There is nothing like being at the Breslin Center, with the crazy Izzone, but experiencing a different basketball arena and its loud student section was a lot of fun too.





It was a noon game and a three hour drive, so we left early, got coffee for the road and made it in plenty of time to park and walk a bit around campus. I do love seeing a college campus for the first time and there is always great energy as you walk around. I was proudly wearing my green and white and found a lot of fellow Spartans also enjoying the campus before the game. And, all good Spartans know to say "Go Green" as you pass another Spartan.



The game was exciting and MSU won in the last few seconds after letting Florida catch up in the final stretch. It was a long drive back with a lot of traffic leaving Gainsville and on I75 south, but seeing the game live and helping cheer the Spartans to victory was so worth it to this MSU alum.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. What a fun day and a great win. Have a beautiful day dear Vicki, HUGS!

  2. Only thing better is SEC football!!!
    How bout them Tigers?...is what we say when we pass another LSU fan. Anywhere in the world and us Tigers know what that means!!!!

  3. What a great day trip! Glad your team won!! Have a great week!

  4. Go Spartans! Of course you know who I was routing for (even though I'm pretty angry at the athletic department. But it's not the kids' fault and I love to see them win.)

  5. Don't y'all play Florida in a bowl game or did I dream that up?

  6. That is a long time on the road! Glad your team won!

  7. So the tiny little uni my girls attended here is ranked #23! They have never been ranked, are undefeated, and beat Villanova and Loyola a couple of weeks ago. It's exciting! Merry Christmas! Will you have your girls home?

  8. Like the thought odf you “bringing on the green” in Florida.
    Yay for the win!


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