Thursday, April 18, 2019

Coastal Decor Updates - Florida House Tour

We are approaching 2 years in our new home, and have been very deliberate in adding decor.  We went with a neutral palate and have added pops of color, texture and a variety materials to give warmth and interest, all the while sticking to a coastal (not tropical) feel.  There is decor made of wood, glass and rope, as well as many natural elements like seashells and driftwood.  The colors are the many colors of the Gulf of Mexico; blue, green, aqua and turquoise.

I took photos yesterday of some of the additions since my last series of posts, right after we moved in.  (To see these posts, look under the Florida House Tour label).  The additions include a wicker side table for the sunny part of the lanai, a reclaimed wood shelf with a seashell inspired vignette, a rope inspired poof that lends so much texture, as well as being practical, a new large clock for the dining room, brightly colored wood buoys on top of the kitchen cabinets, new bedside lamps in the master bedroom and native plants including a magnolia tree, a snake plant and a bromeliad.

It's easy to keep adding, because in addition to Home Goods, there are many, many great shops with coastal decor and art fairs to browse almost every weekend.  But, slow and steady will keep our home simple and somewhat minimalist.  It's also very different from our Michigan home; light, bright and definately no doubt you are near the coast.

The next project is happening soon (crown molding in the master bath) and I will post photos when the room is complete.  Happy Thursday!


  1. I love that Poof! I want to make one so bad. I also want one for my beach place. Every thing is so pretty! I love the coastal flare.

  2. Well, I love turquoise and especially that planter pot. Impeccable style and taste!

  3. Purty!!!! cannot believe it's been two yrs...seems like yesterday!

  4. You had me at turquoise -- oh, that wonderful blue and how beautifully you are using it! A perfect Florida home but I think a perfect anywhere home, too!

  5. Love it all! Enjoy your beautiful home and the scenes all around. Hugs


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