Monday, October 28, 2019

Busy Days

Our sleepy, quiet summer is over and the Florida season of snow birds returning and visitors planning trips has begun.  It’s a fun time of the year, but there will be busy days ahead.  We are still waiting for the weather to cool off a bit, but my pool should be done shortly and there will be lots of swimming and sunning in my immediate future, so warmer temperatures are just fine for a bit longer.

My social, as well as volunteer calendar is filling up my weeks, but if I didn’t like it like that, I wouldn’t let it happen. That’s the beauty of retirement.

Just this past week, I went to happy hour on the beach (wine and sushi) one night and had some returning snowbirds (all neighbors) over for cosmos another night.  In between, I worked with my volunteer landscaping group one morning and also tried to keep on top of some HOA involvement I have signed up for.

Finally, I did something many of you fellow bloggers have done, but I have not.  I met one of my readers who was visiting Venice in hopes of building a home here.  Kathleen is from the Chicago area and noticed we had a lot in common with our Midwestern roots.  In a coincidence, she is looking at using the same builder.  I feel like more of this could happen in the future, since Florida is a travel destination for many.

Happy Monday!


  1. your happy hour and the return of the snowbirds sounds fun, Vicki!

    1. Always a fun time of year when everyone comes back 😀

  2. I love blogger meet ups! So fun! Enjoy your sunny Florida weather! We're finally getting some fall temps here!

  3. Isn't it so fun to meet blog friends in real life? I've been lucky enough to meet many and it's the best! Happy Tuesday!

  4. Yes!!!!! I hope to be one of those you meet!!!
    I’m in fl now visiting with my best friend in whole wide world...where did we meet?? In a book club online. That was 14 yrs ago! She lives in WA state and I’m in Louisiana so we only get to see each other once a yr but we NEVER let a yr go by without seeing each other!!!

  5. Every hour on the beach is Happy Hour!! :)

  6. Fun, fun, fun, keep having fun! I love meeting friends I have met here in blog-land. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

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