Thursday, March 19, 2020

Thoughts and Questions

Doesn’t it seem like things changed in an instant?   A random virus none of us really worried about as it began to close things in Europe, suddenly changed life in our country, our states and our hometowns in a matter of days.  What I find the most unsettling, is that every morning here in Florida, I wake up, the sun is shining, my street looks exactly the same, yet everything is different.

After the initial panic buying, the stores are restocking, so I’m not worried about food.  The restaurants still have takeout too.  It’s the uncertainty and the unknown end to all of this that is the most frustrating and frankly, scary. How do we make any kind of plans, beyond the day to day?   I have a lovely home, with a pool and beautiful outdoor space, so I am luckier then many, but how long is staying in your house, without social interaction, a viable option to our mental health?

I do go out and walk my neighborhood, the beach and other walking paths around my city. My husband and I may take our bikes to ride a bike trail tomorrow. But, because I am diabetic, I am being extra careful to stay a distance from other people.  It's funny, but also not, the side eye everyone is giving each other in passing.  Will we get back to the point of natural interaction, including hugs and handshakes?

So many questions, so much unknown still.  As my late father in law used to say, “Keep the Faith”.

Sometimes that is all you can do.

Keep safe everybody!


  1. Keep the faith is what I am doing. I have only been out of the house (except for walking around in my yard) since last Friday. I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things, stayed away from others, checked out and got out of there. I think it will take a while for hugs and handshakes to come back. Enjoy your beautiful home and surroundings. Sending a virtual hug your way!

  2. I was thinking the same thing this morning. Our street is so quiet. The sun is shining brightly but it "feels" so strange. It was so warm yesterday evening, in the 50's so a lot of people were out taking a walk, I guess to get out of the house. Waves from strangers, yet no one close to each other. Our stores are completely empty. They close at night to restock and in a few hours the next day it's all gone again. It's crazy!
    I'm spending many extra hours in prayer every day, and hoping this all ends soon.

  3. I think during all of this I miss hugs the most. I miss them from my kids and grands, my friends... thank goodness I can still hug my hubby! Stay well!

  4. It has changed our world, at least our day to day and global as well. We're fine here so far, staying self-quarantined apart from walks. But I haven't kissed Rick or even hugged him in ages -- and that I miss most of all.

  5. We are fine here . . . so far.
    I rake, read, walk, create, eat some chocolate . . .
    Remember Anne Frank . . .
    I/we can do this.

  6. It really is an interesting time we're living in. Our oldest daughter has Down Syndrome (she's 35) and where she works is closed, the bowling alley is closed and the hardest thing for her is not knowing when it will end. That's probably the hardest thing for most of us! Praise God we're all healthy here and we are also walking every evening. I liked your description of waking up every morning, "The neighborhood looks the same, but everything is different." I pray you continue to stay healthy.

  7. We are practicing social distance here and my dog and I go out for our daily walks. I can't remember cooking so many meals at home and thankful for a stocked up refrigerator and freezer. It's to get out for a bike ride and take a swim. Take care and be well.

  8. In the store everyone keeps a great distance from each other and people do not even look at each other anymore. I try to be so gracious to those having to work so all of us can get food and necessities. Life has changed so fast, I just hope to be able to work and provide for my family but of course if anyone is ill I won't be going anywhere. Stay safe.

  9. We are doing very well here. I'm glad things are simmered down for you in Florida. Maybe you even get to enjoy better weather-the spring has been downright foul in Wisconsin.


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