Friday, July 17, 2020

My Covid Air Travel Experience

First, let me say that I am currently keeping myself home for 2 weeks since I traveled.  It seems there are a lot of opinions out there, but I was very careful, do not live in a hot spot (my area of Florida is fine) and was not going to a hot spot.  I think people need to make their own decisions as long as guidelines are followed.

I flew from Ft. Myers to Pittsburgh and did everything I could to be as safe as possible.  I chose to fly Southwest Airlines because the middle seats are open through September.  I paid for early check in so I could make sure and get a window seat.  I carried on my bag, so less people would touch it.  I had wipes to clean surfaces and my hands when I touched anything.

The airports were quite empty and everyone was wearing a mask, no exceptions.  There was a constant reminder over the speaker that it was required in the terminal.  Because it was so empty, there was plenty of room to spread out and social distance.  Southwest boarded ten at a time, so there was no backup on the jetway.

My flights had fewer than fifty people, so again, plenty of room to spread out.  Masks were required at all times and everyone had a row to themselves.  Only water and a small snack were offered.

Overall I was very impressed with both Southwest Airlines and the airport terminals for the protocol they had in place.  People were respectful of social distancing.  It felt safer than Publix at times where I find many to be oblivious.  Obviously, traveling is not something we as a country are all going to run out and do on a whim, but it was important to me to see my daughters.  We stuck close to my daughter’s home and it all felt just fine.  I never thought I would have this to contend with when I moved away from family, so at some point, you figure out a way.  You can see from these smiles any travel angst was worth it.


  1. Reassuring to read . . .
    Not that I doubted you in taking precautions.
    Sounds like all the way around safety was important.
    Smiles and togetherness must have been the best!

  2. So happy that you got to visit with your daughters, so important to see family. We are on vacation and being very careful. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. You are much braver than I am! I would love to go visit my sister, but I can't bring myself to go get a haircut - let alone go on a plane. I'm so glad you were able to spend quality time with your girls. If this whole thing has taught us anything, It's how precious time together is!

  4. Isn't it crazy how our travel descriptions are about staying safe, rather than all the places we went? I'm glad you got to see your daughters!

  5. I'm so glad you were able to visit your daughters! Thank you for the travel report. We don't have any summer plans, but hopefully will be driving from Houston to Atlanta to drop off my daughter at college next month. Fingers crossed!

  6. So glad that your trip went well and you got to spend time with your girls. We are sticking close to home with maybe a camping trip to Maine in the fall if things remain the same here or get better. Strange times we are living in....

  7. So yesterday blogger wouldn’t let me comment on any blog but today, seems fine. Blogger=very finicky! So happy you got to see your chicks...your smiles say it all.
    I’m dying to travel! Somewhere...ANYWHERE! This is longest I’ve been in the same place in forever Sigh......I just gotta go!!

  8. That's good new about Southwest, which I love anyway, but hadn't heard any first person stories. I've no desire to fly for awhile but hearing your story makes me feel more comfortable about that airline and safety if I do. Welcome back home!


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