Friday, January 28, 2022

Simple Strawberry Bread

It’s strawberry season in Florida which will always be weird to me since it is winter and not summer, but no matter, because fresh, local strawberries are always welcome.  I had some that needed to be used and this bread sounded like a delicious way to go.  It really was simple (chopping the strawberries took the longest) and I loved the flavor, because it was not too sweet.  Only one half cup of sugar, so the sweetness comes from the strawberries.  I did add the glaze, but that is up to you.  Doesn’t it look pretty though?  

Strawberry season may be a ways away for most of you, but get some from the grocery store produce aisles and bring a little sunshine to those cold, gray days.

The recipe can be found here.

Happy Friday!  I will actually be in snowy and cold Michigan by the time you read this.  A trip to Michigan in January - what was I thinking lol.


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