Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Fall Travels in Northern Michigan


Before Hurricane Ian, I had planned a golf trip to Northern Michigan with stops all around the state to visit friends and family.  The timing was because of my nephew’s wedding that would be our first event. Unfortunately, because of flooding and power outages, we were unable to leave in time to make the wedding, but did manage to meet up in Ohio for brunch with my daughter and son in law on the last leg of our drive.  

Then, it was a bit more traveling north to reach our friend’s cabin on the North Branch of the Au Sable River. Once there we were treated to two days of delicious dinners cooked over an open fire, canoeing on the quiet, pristine river, campfire time and lots of catching up over wine.

We headed further north, had a beautiful, sunny day of golf in Gaylord and finally caught the ferry to Mackinac Island.  It really is a place that will take you back in time with only bicycles, horse and carriage and walking to get around.  There is beautiful victorian architecture and cottages, flower gardens, a historic fort and many fun shops and restaurants.  The highlight is renting bikes and the 8.2 mile bike ride around the island along the shores of Lake Huron.  

After a two night stay on the island, we caught the first ferry back to Mackinaw City and drove to the west side of the state for golf in Ludington (with our son in laws’s parents) on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Being Floridians now, the 50 degree weather was quite chilly for golf, but we recalled our Michigan roots and still had fun.  The hot coffee with Bailey’s during the round really hit the spot.

For our final day, we headed to Metro Detroit on the east side of the state and a visit with our younger daughter and her boyfriend.  They treated us to golf and dinner at their golf club.  It was another chilly round, but it is a beautiful old course and clubhouse and we enjoyed every minute.  More hot coffee and Baileys was a necessity.

We don’t normally make the drive and prefer to fly, but it was easier with our golf clubs and the length of our stay.  We traveled many miles, but what a fantastic trip we had.  

Final note: We were not able to drive around Venice very much before we left and the damage we saw when we returned really was painful to see.  I have been doing what I can to help both in my neighborhood where I am Landscape Chair (300 trees are down) and with my volunteer group in the downtown/beach area.  It will be many years of a new normal in Southwest Florida, but the sun is shining, the gulf is still blue and it will get better.


  1. Those cool temperatures must have felt refreshing! I'm sure it is so sad to see all the damage.

    1. I know you went through it. Just going to take awhile. And it’s impossible to do more than get on a list for repairs. But still counting blessings!

  2. I'm wondering if your sunny golf day in Gaylord was at Treetops (just a few miles from the cottage). I just posted a boatload of peak color from the Treetops ski slopes. It was glorious. It sounds like your trip was terrific and loads of fun!

    1. Gaylord Country Club. Very pretty course. Had lunch in Petoskey before heading to Mackinac Island. Wanted to go to Legs Inn but closed on the day we were in the area.

  3. It looks like a wonderful trip ..Thanks for sharing you pictures...Beautiful!!

  4. So sad to see the aftermath of the storm and so much change. A friend said they have shells on their beach now and there were never shells before. I'm glad you were able to have a fun getaway before coming back to deal with much. It's slow going I'm sure, but amazing to see how much has already been restored. Take care.

    1. Just found out another favorite restaurant is closed from storm damage. It came over us, but directly south and all the barrier islands like Gasparilla, Pine and of course Sanibel are quite a mess. For Venice it was mostly a lot of trees, flooding and signs down everywhere. We were spared the storm surge. It will be awhile, and things will look different, but it will all be repaired and replanted. I’m doing what I can 😀


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