Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Remembering How to Make a Pie Crust


I grew up in the typical Midwestern small town where making your own pies was the norm.  I never saw my mother buy a pie from the store or use a frozen pie crust.  Making a pie crust was simple with the right recipe. Somewhere over the years, I lost the desire and definitely did not take the time to bake pies from scratch. Even when I hosted Thanksgiving for a crowd, pies were something I asked others to bring.

But, this Thanksgiving,  I decided to dust off my apron and my baking skills and make a pumpkin pie the old fashioned way.  I found a very simple pie crust recipe using, flour, salt, butter flavored crisco and water.  The dough came together like a charm and how to roll the crust and crimp the edges all came back to me.  

I was covered in flour from head to toe, my kitchen as well, but it was like my mother was standing next to me cheering me on.  Yes, buying a pie is easier, but there is something to be said for family traditions and taking the time to remember that.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The recipe I used:

Penny’s Perfect Pie Crust


  1. I, too, have asked others to bring the pies tomorrow. I always used to bake the pies from scratch until the last couple of year. I agree, homemade is better, but Costco's are pretty good too!

    1. I enjoyed taking the time to do it and proving that I still could.

  2. It’s amazing how those things come back to you! Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your day

    1. I think learning to cook from your mother or grandmother is such a gift.

  3. I do sometimes still make my own crust, but I find the pillsbury that come in a roll are equally as good and far less messy : ) I do appreciate knowing how to read a recipe and how to cook and bake. And I think you have to do it pretty often or your skills get rusty. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

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