Monday, July 23, 2012

Bachelorette Viewing Party

A few of my friends and I got together Sunday night for the finale of the Bachelorette. There is a core group of us who have watched this crazy franchise throughout the years and we always try to watch the finale together. I have hosted it in the past, but this year it was at a friend's house. Of course this involved good food, wine and a lot of laughing. We discussed who we like best for Emily, who is probably not genuine, how adorable Emily's dresses and jewelry were and who we don't like very much or who we love and why. All the more fun and interesting, because we were together.

Hopefully, you all know who Emily has picked by now, so I don't spoil anything. I really am a sap for the romance of it all. Even though most of what happens is not realistic and most likely scripted, I still fall for the girl gets the guy story every time. There is a reason I love Pride and Prejudice. It's the love story that I fall for - the against all odds, opposites attract, forever after story.

In the end, Emily picked Jef and I have to say, i think she made the right choice. For the first time since I have been watching this silly show, it feels real. Time will tell and they have religious differences to work out, which is no small matter. For now, I will put aside the snark and wish them the best.

Our tradition continues - another Bachelor/Bachelorette viewing party - more fun because it was spent with friends.



  1. How fun that you had a viewing party! Now following you via the blog hop and would love a follow back!

  2. OH MY GOSH! Finally I've found a blogger who's into the Bachelorette as much as I am. :)

    We had a viewing party last night as well. I have to admit, I liked Arie from the beginning, but the last few weeks, I've come to adore Jef. I think Emily made the right choice in picking Jef too. It seemed genuine, like Trista and Ryan's season.

    This was one of my favourite season's. Some of them, I can't even manage to finish it. Emily is gorgeous and from the looks of it, very real and honestly wanted to find love.

    Hope they make it as a couple. I like these two very much.

    I will bookmark your blog to return again in the future.

    The Things We Find Inside

    BTW...I'm following you on GFC. :)

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. It is a silly show, but it always manages to draw me in. Hope your party was fun :-)

  3. Hi there Vicki! I saw that you are a new follower! Welcome:) I have not watched this show but saw them interviewed on tv this morning! She is really pretty and I hope they will be really happy together along WITH that precious little girl! Have a blessed day new friend, HUGS!

    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I will be reading your blog too :-)

  4. That's terrific! It's traditions like this that make friendships stronger. I remember back in the 80s watching "Thirtysomething" with a group of girls - it was great fun.

    1. I loved thirtysomething too - haven't thought about it in years. Hope and Michael :-)

  5. just discovered your blog and I love it!
    I'm your newest follower - hope you can check mine out as well! xo

  6. What a fun night with friends! Have to say, I don't watch reality shows...well most of addicted to Dancing with the Stars. Glad you all had a good time.
    Debbie :)


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