Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Two Simple Projects - Pinterest Success #8


Every Pinterest project does not need to be expensive or time consuming. I love simple projects that I can finish quickly, because for me the fun sometimes is not actually doing the DIY project, but the result. Also, the most rewarding thing, is using Pinterest for the inspiration and then putting your own creative twist on the project. Last week, I finished two quick and inexpensive projects and I love how they turned out - simple and sweet.

For project one, I bought an inexpensive (1/2 price) frame at Michaels with a 5x7 mat. I found this printable on Pinterest and easily printed it on white paper and placed it in the frame. Some branches, sweetly tied with twine were hot glued to the corner of the frame. It hangs in my laundry room and the words remind us of the meaning of Christmas.

For project two, I used a gold tray I owned and purchased some gold jingle bells and some flameless candles, all at 1/2 price. The Pinterest inspiration can be found here. You could use silver or red jingle bells and real candles, if you prefer.

I placed the candles on the tray and spread the jingle bells all around. With the candles flickering, it is especially pretty and shiny at night, sitting on the red, green and gold plaid table runner, found on my kitchen table.

Don't let Pinterest overwhelm you - pick an easy project, put your creativity into it and the result will be something pretty for your home this Christmas.

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Both of these projects turned out so cute! I don't follow Pinterest...I wish I had the time, there are so many great ideas on it. Please share if you find more! :)


  2. Those projects are so neat. I haven't done any thing with Pinterest...yet. Guess I should check it out.

  3. These are both lovely - thanks for the inspiration to do something from my pins! Mary

  4. Sometimes, it's the simplest projects that have the most impact. I love both of those and I have a bunch of bells just waiting to be used!

  5. They turned out wonderfully! Simple always seems to work best, I find. Ann

  6. I love many ideas. I did the same thing you did with your framed printables only I did one at Thanksgiving. Will probably join you with a Christmas one as well. Delightful post!!

  7. I really need to bite the bullet and do that 2nd project with the bells. it is adorable! both are! Thanks for linking up again!

  8. Love it! Where did you find the jingle bells? I can't seem to find any!

  9. Love this!!! :) So adorable!

    New follower!


  10. I love the tray with Jingle bells! What a cute idea. Thanks for sharing.

    ~Jenny; Black Fox Homestead

  11. Oh Girl!!! these are awesome projects. And I agree 100%. Easy, cheap, simple are sometimes the best ones!

    I linked with ILYMTC too, check out my easy, cheap, quick, simple projects if you want!!

  12. Love your projects! Isn't it great when you can be inspired by Pinterest instead of overwhelmed? Thanks for sharing on the Winter Wonders & Holiday Happenings party!


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