Friday, March 28, 2014

Fashion Friday - Scarves



Now that the weather is warming up a bit, my wardrobe begins to change, especially the scarves I wear. I put away the heavier knit scarves and pull out the soft, light, flowery ones; not for warmth any longer, but for the pretty they bring. This pretty floral scarf was a gift, perfect to wear for this spring season.

I like to have a range of patterns and colors that I can pair with a simple, solid color top. My favorite scarf and a slimming black knit top, paired with skinny jeans and flats and my spring look is complete. The colorful scarf brightens my face, as well as my spirits.

To add to my scarf collection, I did a little shopping for all of us and put together this list of pretty, soft infinity scarves for spring. All are from Nordstrom and all are so pretty, I don't know how I will ever decide. I love the Sperry scarf with the anchors - so cute for spring and summer. Maybe I'll just have to order them all :-)








Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I love scarves too. Love that one by Tory Burch.

  2. Love these scarves! Wish the weather would warm up around here!

  3. So many pretty options! Love them all! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Loved the lace trimmed scarf! I just left Target and they have some very cute, inexpensive scarves as well! Hope you have a great, warm weekend!

  5. You are so going to get me in trouble ;-) I love them all. I have sooo many. Perfect accessory in my book. Talbots has some really cute nautical ones this year as well.

  6. I liked the Tory and Sperry ones . . . very much . . . although each are tempting in there own way.
    Thanks for tempting us!

  7. Can't let the there go . . . should be THEIR . . .

  8. Love your scarves..I don't own one...I guess I'd never have the right one so I never bothered..

  9. Oooh these are all very pretty, really like the one with lace and the Tory Burch. I love how they dress-up an outfit~~~

  10. Yes I do love scarves! Especially the infinity ones!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Oh YES, you just can't have too many scarves! I'll take one of each of these:) Have a blessed Spring Weekend, HUGS!

  12. These are beautiful, Vicki! I think scarves are the greatest accessory and I share a lot of them with my daughter so we never lack for them! They are so great in not only flattering an outfit, but also adding color to our faces.

    Great post subject! :)


  13. Scarves are the anchor to many of my outfits! I love the light floral one you have

  14. These are beautiful Vicki! It's fun to change things up for the spring. I was at Nordstrom the other day and noticed they had a great selection:) Enjoy your weekend! xxL

  15. I love scarves, too! I'm finding out (finally) that the old saying "accessories make the outfit" is so very true! I thought accessorizing would make dressing more difficult, but turns out it's the opposite.


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