Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday




Finally, the first day of spring has arrived! It seems forever since there has been a photo of flowers on this blog, so I thought today was a perfect occasion. I have been picking up these $4 bunches of tulips, at the grocery store, for the last few weeks and they really brighten my kitchen. Our snow is starting to melt and the rain we had yesterday helped the process along nicely. I have hope, that very soon, I will see my tulips starting to break through the ground. It seemed impossible to imagine that spring would ever happen when we were in the midst of yet another snow storm, but the calendar has changed, March will soon turn to April and the long winter will finally be over :-)



My 40 Bags in 40 Days Lenten challenge is off to a good start. My totals as of this this morning are 5 bags to donate (already dropped off at Goodwill), 2 bags of trash and 1 bag of books for the library. One of the spaces I now have emptied, is my main coat closet. It has an empty shelf, once full of books and school supplies, but now giving me extra storage space, as I need it. The books were all the classics my girls read for all their high school English classes, through the years. I did save a few, that I might like to read again, like the Jane Austen novels and Little Women, but the rest can be put to good use, at the library. And yes, we did purchase all those books, since my daughters attended private school.


Speaking of the classics, my book club meets tonight and for a change of pace we decided to read Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men. It should be an interesting discussion as I'm sure we are all a little rusty in discussions involving literary themes, metaphors and symbols. If nothing else, we will use an ability long dormant from our college years. Hopefully, the wine will help :-)


I started watching the new season of The Real Housewives of New York and so far, so good. There seems to be a real friendship between some of the ladies and that makes it more interesting. Sure there will be drama, but hopefully it will be at a minimum and feel authentic. The accusation that Carole Radziwill used a ghost writer for What Remains did make my blood boil a little, since I loved that book and it is obvious it is written in her voice. Anyone watching?


Happy Thursday!



  1. I think Aviva needs a storyline so she came up with the ghost writer thing. I think Carole has got too much class for the show. They must have filmed it before Mario got caught with his pants down. The new girl doesn't add much - just a pretty face. Have a great day Vicki!

  2. Happy Spring! Hope your warming trend continues. I need to do some cleaning and purging and organizing around here, too. Wishing you a great Thursday. Tammy

  3. The tulips are beautiful. We too donated our girls books from Language Arts classes when our youngest graduated. Our school's library collected them, and then let other students who were less fortunate select books they needed for either classroom use or for their summer reading projects. I was happy to see them continue to be used rather than sitting on a dusty shelf. I have 4 boxes of books packed away right now, awaiting a girlfriend to go through, and then they are off to be donated. My old book club read of Mice and Men years ago and we had wonderful discussions from the book. Enjoy!!

  4. I am jealous of your tulips, Vicki! I've been looking at our local grocery for weeks and have yet to see them! They are beautiful! A great way to celebrate the First Day of Spring! Have fun at Book Club!

  5. Your tulips are so pretty! Glad to hear that you're still on track with your 40 bags, as it sounds like you're being thoughtful in disposing the contents. Hope your book club discussions of Mice and Men is as enjoyable as the wine!!!

  6. Wow that is progress! Did you hear they are making a Broadway version of Mice and Men....I wonder how it will be. Happy Spring!

  7. I happen to see the first episode ;) This show is my guilty pleasure and I have to watch it when my husband isn't around because the cast of characters drive him nuts. Vicki, your tulips are so pretty and I do hope the weather warms up for you! I adore tulips and enjoy playing with all the varied colors. Have a nice weekend! xxleslie

  8. Isn't it wonderful how long the tulips last, too?
    YOu are on a purging mission--that's a LOT of stuff! But I agree, discovering that extra space then once it's cleared out is so lovely.


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