Friday, April 22, 2016

April Book Club





What's not to love about the color pink and pretty flowers in abundance? There is a drink called the Pink Penguin that is featured in the book we read and our hostess took that color and brought it to the forefront for our April book club. Her first question to me when I walked in was "Would you like a Pink Penguin?" and of course I said yes. It was a delicious mixture of pomegranate juice, vodka, lime juice and a Greek liquor and in the book is served on a cruise ship sailing to Antartica.

Our dinner, served on pretty pink, paisley place mats, was a delicious buffet meal of pork tenderloin, salmon, mashed sweet potatoes, garlic green beans and a kale and cabbage salad. The dessert was a spectacular and rich chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting. Once again, we were so spoiled by our hostess.



Since I was the hostess last month, I picked the book and lead the discussion. I had read Where'd You Go Bernadette last year and thought my book club would love its quirky humor. We had a really fun discussion and everyone seemed to really enjoy the book; especially its unique format. As I read this book for the second time to prepare for book club, I was aware that it was going to be adapted to the big screen (staring Cate Blanchett) and I couldn't help but think how funny many of the scenes would be.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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  1. Sounded like a you all had a wonderful time. That drink sounds nice too!

  2. I've heard great things about that book. I would love a Pink Penguin! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I loved this book, it is fun but also interesting. My own book group sounds awfully boring compared to yours... I quite fancy a pink penguin now.

  4. What a wonderful book club dinner! I loved Where'd You Go, and didn't know it will be a movie. Cate Blanchett will be perfect in the role. Have a great weekend!

  5. Great food (and drinks) for a book club gathering! Wish I lived close enough to join! I'll have to check out that book. The one I am reading now is about murder and pedifiles. I could use something funny!!

  6. SHUT THE DOOR! Cate as Bernadette? Thank you for that happy news! That book was a fun read. Your cocktail sounds like a perfect pair.

  7. I have this book saved on my Nook! I'll definitely get to it soon.

    Your club has such an array of good food, I love it! The menu sounds delicious!


  8. Your Book Club group sounds like a "best ever" of evenings together . . .
    And how wonderful to begin a book club discussion as soon as you open the front door!
    (I am happy I have you "in my back pocket" for reading lists!)

  9. Almost forgot . . .
    Can you share the Cabbage Kale recipe and dressing . . . please?

  10. You girls certainly know how to review a book!! Sounds like a fun book!

  11. I'd heard this was a great book. I need to put it on my list!
    And oh that chocolate cake looks delish!

  12. I live here in the Seattle area. One of my sister-girlfriends recommended this book to me because there are so many references to Seattle (true.) I found Bernadette a depressing figure. A Californian with a serious case of season-affective disorder and untreated clinical depression (but that can happen to an artist (architect) if they do not have a channel for their creatively. I also thought the house was a perfect metaphor for Bernadette. A grand person falling apart. Even though I did not like the book while I was reading it once I was done I admitted it was pretty good. I also thought that the author did an excellent job of stereotyping the characters into Seattlites. Even though fiction, I can totally picture exactly where the house and school was located. Given that Cate Blanchett was fabulous is Blue Jasmine, she is a perfect choice for this character. Thanks for letting me share...Susan, (Kent, WA)


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