Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Outlander Season 2




What have I been doing lately? Since I discovered that the first season of Outlander is free on until April 9th, I have been binge watching in advance of season two. Last year, I watched the first season somewhat piecemeal; basically wherever I could find it. So, it has been nice to see it as a whole. The weather here has been rather unspringlike and I've been curling up under a blanket, drinking tea and enjoying myself immensely.

I am so looking forward to season two (based on Dragonfly in Amber) and the scenes in Paris. The costumes look amazing and the new cast members seem like excellent choices. We will see Versailles, King Louis XV and Bonnie Prince Charlie. There will be political intrigue and war. And, there will be twists and turns that non book readers will find shocking.



The Outlander books are very special to me and while the show will never be as good, it does an excellent job of staying true to the story and the characters. As always, it is tricky for a television show or movie to live up to the written word and my imagination, but I give this show high marks.



Jamie and Claire are back for thirteen more episodes and I can't wait.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Sounds like a great viewing idea for those of us living this "sprwinter!"

  2. I might try to watch this series, but I could absolutely not get into the books. I tried twice.

  3. This sounds like a neat show! I have a few frivolous choices...Blindspot, The Voice and Heartbeat. And I don't need anything else to take up my time! lol!


  4. I'm watching the last few episodes of Season 1 right now and loving it! Forgot about them going to Paris - that should be fun to see!!

  5. I LOVED the books and enjoyed season 1. Can't wait to see season 2!!


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