Wednesday, April 25, 2018

What I'm Watching



I rarely watch network television, except for a few favorites that I have watched for years (Grey's Anatomy) and one new show (This Is Us). And, I still watch the housewives, but I'm down to three (NY, OC and BH). Southern Charm on Bravo is a favorite too. On demand has made it easier to keep up and catch up with these kinds of shows. Lately, I've rediscovered an old favorite and finally caught up with the big Emmy winning hit from last year. Here's what I'm watching.



Yes, I was way behind on watching Big Little Lies, but we don't have HBO and I don't usually like book adaptations, so I wasn't that bothered. But, we had a week of free HBO and I knew it was the one show I wanted to finally watch. I did enjoy it and thought the acting was pretty amazing. Some of the changes from the book were choices I didn't really understand, but overall it was very well done. I would like to see Season 2, even with Meryl Streep, who I do not care for. If nothing else, that proves how much I liked it.



Once Upon A Time is one of those shows that used to be great, so I stuck with it the past few years. However, I just couldn't get through it last season and thought I was done. Characters left, new characters were introduced and when I read the last eposode would bring back pretty much everyone, I decided to get caught up, so I could enjoy the series finale. And, much to my surprise, it's a pretty good final season.



I love discovering a Netfix series that is binge worthy and Retribution is a great find. It's British, dark and twisty; just how I like my crime dramas. You won't believe the ending in this one.

Looking forward to watching: Little Women on Masterpiece Theatre (PBS) starting May 13th and another installment of The Great British Baking Show (PBS) starting June 22nd. I think it's our last season with Mary and Paul and I wonder if the new version will have the same charm.

Happy Wednesday!


Some blog housekeeping: I hope to do a blog design update sometime later this year, but it's bugging me that I don't have an Instragram button making it easy for you to follow me. So, in the meantime, here is a link to my Instagram page. I don't do a lot of stories, but I love them and am going to try to do more in the future.



  1. I will think about your “likes.”
    I have become less and less of a tv watcher . . .
    I do like certain parts of the “food shows.”
    Every once in awhile I glean something easier, and looking tasty too.

    I think I might catch The Crown on Netflix . . .

    And for sure, I will have my eyes on the royal wedding happening soon.

  2. We had HBO free for the past weekend but I didn't even think about seeing if I could catch Big Little Lies. I didn't read the book because the author is hit and miss for me.

  3. Hi Vicki! I just wrote down Retribution and didn't realize that Little Women is coming on Masterpiece. Have a great week. btw... I thought I was following you but I guess not. I am now.

  4. We watch way too much TV. Nice to see someone is still watching Grey's Anatomy!! My cousin is Justin Chambers (Alex) so we have been watching faithfully since the beginning. We also love most of the Masterpiece shows!

  5. Speaking of British tv- have you seen "Killing Eve" on BBC America? It's only been on 3 weeks so far, but it has hooked us in!

  6. I actually was going to mention BLL on my blog too. I watched season one with my daughter and had a few thoughts. Have a great weekend!

    1. Posted on your blog my thoughts, but for those reading comments here : my biggest issue with PLL was that Madeline did not have an affair in the book, but I read that Reese wanted her to be more interesting, so that's how they wrote it. What?

  7. I am not watching any of those but they sound interesting:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  8. I'm right there with you on the dwindling list of Housewives I follow. I have a few episodes of Southern Charm to catch up on but have high hopes for the season.

  9. Great British Bake Off fan here too! I can't wait for June 22.


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