Friday, June 21, 2013

Repurpose a Glass Birdbath



This glass birdbath was pretty, but not really practical. The glass dish balanced on a iron pedestal and was somewhat top heavy and not really sturdy. Every time those pesky squirrels decided to jump on it for a drink, the force of their jump would make it wobble like crazy and threaten to tip over.

So, this pretty piece of glass, was repurposed as garden art in my perennial garden. It makes a lovely statement, standing on the back edge and gives definition to the garden's border. I wedged the bottom into the dirt and it seems to be very sturdy in its new home. For even more interest, I planted a few colorful zinnias in front of the piece.

Another repurposed glass piece, that was designed as a flower on a post, but kept falling apart, now rests in front of a flower pot. It hides the plain pot and is an unexpected bit of sparkle in the sunshine.

Finding new uses in the garden for unexpected items is a fun way to recycle and repurpose found treasures. They add interest and whimsey, when mixed in amongst the flowers. I like a little whimsey in my garden :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Very nice Vicki . . . I like your new garden "bright spot!"

  2. Love it! I have seen some people doing that with different types of household glass like vintage light fixture covers too and love the affect and have been scouting garage sales for pieces. Thanks for stopping by Farmers Market Fridays and let me know if you know of any really good ones in your neck of the woods that I should check out! :)

  3. I bet they really pretty when the sunlight hits them! Great idea!

  4. Love the whimsy those pieces create in your garden!

  5. well, isn't that pretty! Great repurposing.

  6. so pretty. Im sitting here imagining what several of the flower ones would look like scattered throughout a flower garden. pretty pretty

  7. Cute, cute ideas. Wishes for a fun weekend!

  8. both pieces are so pretty- bummer they didnt work as what they were intended, but they look awesome anyway!

  9. Great idea:) Have a blessed weekend dear friend, HUGS!

  10. I used to have a bird bath like that..No squirrels...Glad you found a good use for it..

  11. Very pretty garden art. I love the way it shines. Repurposing these items is what makes gardening so much more enjoyable.

  12. I had that exact same birdbath and it did fall and break! It was so pretty and the birds loved it, but very impractical. Like your idea! Ann

  13. Our lab puppy tipped the same bird bath over shattering the glass. It was beautiful while it lasted. Now I have another dish inside the frame that just happened to be a perfect fit. The bird bath is tucked behind a garden fence out of Liberty's reach.

  14. Those are beautiful pieces! I want to make a bottle tree. Have to find out where to get the tree though.


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