Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Favorite Mysteries



Many of my favorite mystery authors have new books coming out in the next few months. There is something special about a good mystery series, where I know the characters well. The authors of these books give us smart and resourceful investigators who always find a way to solve the murder or crime. Most of my favorite characters are strong women.

At the same time, we get a glimpse of their day to day lives and their interactions with other interesting characters who we get to know well over the course of the series. All these characters are like old friends, that may be gone for a while, but always come back when the next book is published.

Coming 9/10 is the next installment in the Kinsey Millhone series. This alphabet letter series started with A is for Alibi, published in 1982. Kinsey is a smart, independent private investigator who solves financial mysteries with a California flair.

Coming 8/27 is the next Goldy Schulz mystery. These are fun murder mysteries and since Goldy is a caterer, who just happens to get involved in crime solving, the author includes her recipes at the end of each book.

The next Temperance Brennan book will also be published 8/27. She is a forensic anthropologist and solves old or unusual murders by examining the bones of the dead. The television show Bones is based on these books.

Cornwell's character, Kay Scarpetta, is a Chief Medical Examiner based in Massachusetts, with ties to the U.S. Military and the FBI. These books are psychological thrillers with complex plots and characters. This new book in the series comes out 11/12.

The latest installment in the English crime series with Inspector Thomas Lynley and Barbara Havers will be published on 10/15. Both of these Scotland Yard detectives are flawed, yet extremely complex and interesting characters.

Are these mystery series your favorites too? If so, there is a lot of reading to look forward to in the next few months :-)

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Hey - where's Ruth Rendall - and Peter Robinson and Ian Rankin lol
    John LOVES mysteries!
    Happy reading

  2. I love a good mystery I will check a couple of these out. Happy Wednesday. B

  3. Love, love, love Patricia Cornwell! I have read several of Sue Grafton's books as well but am not familiar with the other two you mention. Have a good week, Vicki!

  4. Happy Wednesday! Thanks for the book list. I will have to check them out since I've never read these authors before.

  5. Ooh...I good use a good mystery right about now. I have loved the Catherine Coulter FBI series because she always brings back some of the characters. They become like family. LOL

  6. Love Sue's alphabet series although I do have to say I think the later ones haven't been as good as the earlier. Mary Higgins Clark is probably my favorite simply because hers are intriguing yet very easy to read.

  7. Oh boy I need to get myself to the library soon!

  8. I have read all of the Diane Mott Davidson culinary mysteries. I am looking forward to see what Goldy has been up to since the last book.

  9. I follow the alphabet series and wow, how did you find out about "W"?! I'm so excited! I've heard of some of the other authors but haven't read any of these books, my interests are all over the place. Thanks for the tip on Sue Grafton's book, I'll be looking for it!


  10. I'm a big follower of Elizabeth George and always enjoy her books. As for the CSI based authors, my husband has dealt with them both in the past in his previous life as a forensics investigator and he seems to be bothered by some of their techniques so I forgo them. Silly but true.

  11. I recall reading Elizabeth George in the past and she's a great writer

  12. I've read all of Sue Grafton's books and I knew it was about time for another one!! I also love Goldy, she is a lot of fun. I've also read Patricia Cornwell but the others are new to me. I am always looking for a new author. Have you read any of Julie Hyzy's White House Chef series? So much fun and a great woman character. Try them.

    hugs, Linda

  13. I love a good mystery - I've read many of Sue Grafton's books and I love, love Elizabeth George. I love discovering a new series and reading my way through all of the books.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!



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