Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What I'm Watching



The good news is that we now have cable in our new house. The bad news is that due to a construction error on our street, we went one month without cable and had only temporary, very slow internet. So, I'm very behind on some shows I wanted to watch.

I did catch up on two shows that I have been looking forward to this summer and they are both British shows on PBS.



First, Tennison: Prime Suspect is the prequel to Helen Mirren's portrayal of Jane Tennison in the original Prime Suspect series, of which I was a big fan. I read a lot of British police procedurals and both this new show and the original were very good at translating those genre of books to the screen. Gritty, true to life and detailed about solving a crime in a British police station.



This new series (only three episodes, so easy to catch up on) takes place in 1973 and the style, clothes and depiction of that decade are fabulous. Lots of facial hair on the men and no cell phones or computers to be found. I really enjoyed the characters, the look and feel, as well as the story.



Quite a different change of pace from a crime drama, but I always enjoy The Great British Baking Show for its sweet, calm pace. It's just a lovely look at lovely people, baking lovely things. This is the fourth showing here in the states, but we get a combination of older and newer series as shown on the BBC, in no particular order or timeline. I love everything about it, even though I get confused every time a cookie is called a biscuit :-)

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Thanks for the tips!! We love British TV!

  2. I'll remember this...PBS. I often have a very hard time perusing the channels to find something worthwhile to watch. Thanks, Vicki.

    Jane x

  3. Vicki....Tennyson is wonderful....always loved the original series when she was older. BTW have you seen "GENIUS "? EXCELLENT series.

  4. I started work in the 1970s and can barely believe how much change has taken place in the workplace. I went to a bank (only stuck it for two weeks) and the staff handbook stated that the bank was not in the habit of providing mortgages to female staff. Imagine that now! After that I started in the Civil Service where I shared a workspace with three smokers. Smoking at one's desk whilst working was the accepted norm! Barely believable. Eloise

  5. Oh dear friend, I am happy to hear you are in business and can catch up with the shows:) Have a blessed, beautiful and sunshiny day! HUGS!

  6. I LOVED Prime Suspect! The 70's was exquisitely rendered from costumes to music and WOW was it a great series. The end--I just watched the ending Sunday night and I was wrecked.


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