Friday, August 24, 2012

Indoor Daisies-Laundry Room Ideas

Daisies make me happy, whether they are outside in my garden, or if I use them as a decorating theme indoors. I am joining Kelly's Korner "show us your life" series to share how I use daisy details in my laundry room to make a functional space, cheerful.

My laundry room is off the garage, so this pretty, functional piece hangs on the wall, as you come inside. There are hooks for keys, as well as slots for items like sunglasses or mail.

This friendly daisy and ivy flower garland hangs above the window and serves as a window treatment, allowing the morning sun to stream in, as I start that early load of laundry.

A banner, overflowing with daisies, hangs on the door separating the laundry room from the kitchen . The bright colors add to the cheerfulness if the room.

My latest art show find, greets me every day from its spot above the utility sink. I love to attend art shows for unique items like this. Find art that makes you happy and put it in a location you see every day.

My favorite sign with its inspirational message, is hanging in a spot where I see it as I walk in my door everyday. This sign and message pick up my mood, with the sunny yellow paint and cute little bird. It was a birthday gift from my daughters this year and was purchased from artist, Susie Harris. You can visit her blog and see all the wonderful signs and art pieces she paints.

A laundry room doesn't have to be dull and boring. Bring some sunshine into your home with some cheerful details and art that makes you smile :-)


I am looking forward to a fun weekend that includes some pool time and a dinner that includes watching sailboat races on the Detroit River. I hope you all manage to have a fun and relaxing weekend - the last one before Labor Day and fall.





  1. Oh very chipper indeed; daisies are such cheery things. Going to check out Susie Harris' site now, thanks for sharing the sign and the link!

  2. I just love white daisies. Have a great week!

  3. Super cute laundry room. My basement laundry room is downright funky. I think that we are closing our cold swimming pool this weekend.. nobody has been in it in weeks. Have fun watching the sailboat races!!

  4. I was just thinking....

    I'm not sure if you read Kathy's blog "West Family Adventures" ~ I think that you would enjoy each others blogs.. her daughter just left for college this week and now Kathy is experiencing the empty nest. You should stop by and say hi.. I think that she will love your blog.

  5. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the intro from Leslie. It's only been one week of empty nest and I know soon I will love it house is clean the laundry is done, chores done now what...! I need to remember my life before and get back to it. Thanks for following I'm doing the same and I look forward to getting to know you.

    Love the Susan Harris sign off to check her out!

  6. I need a little holder with key hooks for my utility room that is just off the garage! You have such pretty things in your room!

  7. Oh, what a happy flower for decor! (Wish I had a cute laundry room!)

  8. Terrific work here.... just great!!

  9. I love daisies. They're just the thing to cheer you up every day.

  10. Daisies are cheerful blossoms and the sign is delightful.

  11. I'm stopping by for a visit from Kelly's Korner.
    I love your accent pieces.

  12. Wow! Love daisies too ~ fantastic array of gorgeous photos ~ (A Creative Harbor)
    am your latest follower ^_^

  13. I am a new follower would love a follow back at

  14. I love the ivy & the daisies. The birdie picture is so cute & I love the yellow words of inspiration too. I'm dropping by from Mingle Monday & i'm following you.

  15. Daisies really brighten up a space. Thank you for sharing at YSB this week.


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