Monday, August 31, 2020

No Fall Here


If I had to pick a least favorite month in Florida, September would win far and away.  Tomorrow starts the month that is the peak of the hurricane season and we can look forward to watching those ever changing cones of uncertainty.  We are ready and prepared of course, but it’s still stressful.  September will forever be that month where we got to experience Irma, our first hurricane, in just our third month living here.  We had to learn about hurricanes on the fly and I hope to never experience such a big one again.  It would take a lot to convince me to evacuate after that adventure.

Also, it always seems to get just a bit hotter the first part of September. When summer is over for most of you and all the fall things are being celebrated, we are still right in the thick of the heat and humidity.  And at this point, a bit of coolness would be welcome.  

The best thing about September is that my favorite month; October, is getting close.  That is when we do start having beautiful, low humidity days and we can finally open the door wall for outdoor living at its best. Some of the best and most beautiful beach days are in October too.

So, enjoy your pumpkin everything.  I’ll still be in the pool most days, with another tropical drink, just trying to cool off.

Happy Monday!


  1. You are definitely right about September being just another month of heat here in the coastal south. The hardest part is seeing other folks on social media starting to wear jeans and long sleeved tops. I just saw a weather report that we will probably set a record here in Houston for the highest low temperature overnight since the 1800's. It will only go down to 83. They said we have a possible front in a few weeks that will bring in some lows in the 60's...heaven! Hang in there.

    1. It’s not any hotter - It just feels that way because I’m tired of it lol
      And yes, seeing people in sweaters or at the apple orchard kills me. Let’s pray for all the hurricanes to fizzle out!

  2. Makes me chuckle to see you talking like a true southerner now...for I can remember reading your blog back when you were up north talking about your crisp air walks in the woods with your puppy while I was cranking my air conditioner as cold as it would go! Just wishing I could get out for a walk without a heat stroke!

    You're doing us proud as a southern gal!!!

  3. My husband and I were talking the other day about how we don't think we could ever live in a hurricane area. Or tornadoes. They're just so unpredictable and destructive. Enjoy the pool! That's one thing we miss living in Seattle, not too many pools around.

  4. Wishing you a tolerable september and
    all you hope for in october . . .

  5. I hope your September isn't so bad although the season isn't going well so far.
    It's still pretty hot up here. Upper 90's for the next week. That's a bit unusual for this far north and I would love a bit cooler weather. I'm NOT ready for fall yet though.

  6. I pray all of the storms in September stay away from your beautiful home! It is SO hot and humid here too. I welcome a cool breeze sometime soon, I hope! Enjoy your day dear friend, the drink looks refreshing! HUGS!

  7. I'm still longing for more August but I can see how in your part of the country, September and then October are welcome months. I hope all stays safe and well for you.


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