Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thoughts for orchard, reality tv, etc.



  • The apple orchards in this area, as I'm sure is the case everywhere, are extremely crowded this time of year, especially on the weekends. I try to avoid those kind of crowds, when I can. But, I was craving a cider doughnut - just one. Imagine how happy I was to see my grocery store had fresh from the orchard cider doughnuts for sale the other day, as well as bags of freshly picked apples. No need to fight the crowds :-)

  • My kitchen update is moving along, but my window treatment of choice is not happening. I hadn't priced any kind of custom window treatment in a long time, and sticker shock has set in. Now to find a plan B. There may be a bare window for a while, until I figure something out.

  • It is time for the blood test for my diabetes control and that always makes me a little nervous. I have been walking every day and eating well, so hopefully the results will show that. It is an ongoing process, so unfortunately, you never know for sure.


  • We are going to a birthday dinner for my Mother's 80th birthday, this weekend. It will be nice to celebrate this milestone with family and friends. It will be a celebration of the love her children, grandchildren and friends have for her. And, since we are having it at a restaurant, the planning has been as easy as can be. My only job is to bring flowers for the tables :-)


  • My thoughts about the Bravo Real Housewives have been on the light side lately, because I can't bring myself to watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey, any longer. The family drama is just too much and too much is happening in real life, that is not talked about. When one of the housewives (Teresa) is on her way to prison, the fun has stopped for me. Bring on Beverly Hills and the fabulous life of Lisa Vanderpump - that is what I want to see!

Happy Thursday!


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  1. Oh Happy Birthday to your dear Mom you are going to have so much fun. I have an idea the flowers are going to be beautiful:) Hope your sugar s good that is stressful. B

  2. Yum, one of those donuts would taste great right now with my coffee! Enjoy your mothers birthday celebration, how wonderful!!

  3. We have tons of apple orchards here..Many apple harvest festivals..It's indeed a fun time of the year..

  4. The apples are so good this time of year. Sorry to hear about the window treatment. It really is amazing how pricey they are. Not sure where you had them priced, but good alternatives are upholsterer's (many sew them as well cheaper) and alterations. Just a thought. Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your mother's birthday.

  5. It might be time to hit Pinterest for a DIY idea on a window covering. That doughnut is making me hungry!

  6. I'm sick of NJ too, but I still watch it. What a bunch of crazies!!

  7. those donuts look amazing! I cannot wait to go to Apple Hill here in CA and get me some!!

    Found you on the link up :)

    XOXO Bunnie

  8. Those donuts look so amazing.

  9. We went to Crane's Apple Orchard in Fennville, MI every single year for probably 20 years, and I would purposely visit my parents every fall to continue the tradition, but they moved up to Northport, MI and I have not been back to Cranes since. It doesn't feel like fall without visiting an apple barn!

  10. That is why I rely on thrifted fabric. My friend Donna and just saw satin lined linen drapes from the 1950's that could be used for fabric. I did not buy them but I thought long and hard about them. I recently found four yards of 1940's barkcloth at an antique store for five dollars. I realize you may not like this kind of fabric but we find modern fabrics out there as well. How wonderful that you still have your mother. xoxo, olive

  11. We used to go to a place that sold apple cider donuts - they were so yummy. I miss them!!

  12. Good luck with the window treatments! My Daughter knows the prices of custom work, I do my own:) What a blessing to celebrate 80 years! Happy Birthday to your Mom! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  13. Happy 80th birthday to your Mom! I can totally relate to the sticker shock comment.. custom window treatments are very expensive! The apple cider donuts look so good Vicki!


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