Monday, March 2, 2015

Downton Abbey Thoughts




The season finale of Downton Abbey was heartwarming, sad and surprising all at once. I laughed and I cried with equal measure and thought the writers did a wonderful job finishing story lines, as well as giving the viewers a view of future events. I don't want to give too much away, but some of the highlights for me are as follows.

Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes and his incredibly sweet declaration to her. It's what we have all been waiting for, all these years, yet it was still surprising when it happened. The acting in that scene and seeing a softer side of both was really phenomenal.

Lady Edith happy at last and maybe with a romantic interest for the future, was really nice to see. The scene between Edith and Lord Gratham was so touching and he proved once again he can be a wonderful father.

The scene in the nursery where Tom, Lady Mary and Lady Edith remember Lady Sybil was a tearjerker and once again showed a glimpse of the softer side of Lady Mary. I was wiping away tears when they joined hands.

The hunting trip to the lavish estate was just breathtaking to see. We have been treated to many dinners, trips, parties and even a wedding this season, but this trip was the best by far. The lavishness of their lifestyle was on display and the long table at dinner was like none we had seen before. The level of detail shown in the hunting scenes was wonderful and so interesting.

I wish there had been more of a resolution in the Mr. Green murder saga, but I fear we will have to revisit that storyline next season. For me, this storyline is getting stale, but I did love the initiative of Mr. Moseley, who finally is coming into his own.

Every scene between Violet and Isobel is wonderful to watch and I found myself laughing at their dry wit. The writers have given them an unlikely, but sweet friendship.

The season was a short one, and it will be a long wait until next year, but there is so much to look forward to and I for one, can't wait.

Happy Monday!



  1. I loved this season of Downton and I felt like it went too fast. I am sad and will miss it very much. Thanks for your little update on the show!

  2. Wonderful commentary, and tissues were on hand at my house too. For me, Season V was the best season of all. The costuming was fabulous. And now we wait for Season VI which will probably be the final season. Hopefully Jullian Fellowes will dazzle us with the new series he's writing about life on this side of the pond!

  3. Oh Vicki, I agree 100% with everything you said here. Maybe I am a little more aggravated with the Green/Bates story line than you are. I am really, really tired of it, and am sorry it seems it will be carried on in 2016. I hate that we have to wait so long, but I hear it will be the last season, so the extra long wait is just bittersweet. I will miss them all....

  4. I'm working on my DA rundown too. I agree - sick of mr. Green story line. I thought it was a great finale though. Can't believe I have to wait til next January.

  5. Nice review Vicki..I guess they keep it short to keep us dangling and interested..

  6. I finally got caught up On Demand and loved the finale. There were so many sweet, tender moments that I found myself reaching for a tissue more than once! I liked that so many things got resolved and, other than the Mr. Green thing, there is not too much of a cliff hanger - which is a good thing since we have to wait until next January (!!!!) for the new season.

  7. Amen to all you wrote.


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