Friday, August 28, 2015

Not Goodbye




Last night was a goodbye party of sorts. Not an official goodbye, since my friend is only moving about fifteen miles away, but still, she will not be living in the same city and it will not be the same. This is the first of these types of goodbyes for my circle of friends, as we all begin the downsizing process that comes with being empty nesters. Not quite ready for retirement, but wanting a change. My friend is moving to a house on a lake and there is a lot of appeal to that. She will still be close, will still work, but her lifestyle will be totally different.



We are all at different stages; some with children at home or still in college, some planning weddings and some with a grandchild on the way. Changes are coming fast and furious for us all and we talk about how our friendships will remain, as we inevitably scatter around the state and even around the country. For now, we will take advantage of the time we still live in one place and can still easily get together for a glass of wine. We have been friends for a long time, watched all our children grow from elementary school into adults and those kinds of bonds are special. Hopefully we will be able to say, see you soon, rather that goodbye when the time comes.

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Friends are joined at the heart:). Beautiful picture. I know you will keep in touch. Have a blessed day dear friend. Hugs

  2. Melancholy . . . changes are probably "in the wind" but friends like you have will still be there. Exciting days and times ahead thinking about college graduation, careers, weddings, babies . . . changing addresses . . . How wonderful you have had such beautiful, lasting friendships!

  3. Strong friendships like you describe here will last, no matter how many miles separate you. It is so easy to stay connected these days and you all will just have to plan in advance for special get-togethers. It will work and the friendships won't fade away! Great photo, by the way!

  4. Friendships can last over the miles, and the distance makes times together even more precious.

  5. I feel for you, Vicki---change can be hard, even in subtle ways because you sense a pattern. I know I've told you how envious I am that you have such a lovely group of women friends, and I don't really being in an area so far from where I grew up and lived before I got married. When I look at your situation I think of that saying, "Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all."

    Good times ahead!!! :)

    Jane x

  6. When we moved 100 miles away from our friends and family four years ago, there were a lot of similar goodbyes. We're gone from everyones day to day lives, but the bonds we had with most of our friends are stronger than ever. In fact, a bunch of us are heading to Sicily to rent a villa for a week next Friday! Your friendships will change and evolve during the next few years. But the true friendships will stay the same - and will be sweeter when you are together.

  7. Hopefully you can make some special times together often since she will be so close. Lakeside will be nice! I know in Nashville area here, all our friends are in suburbia, as are we...but we are scattered in suburbia all over the place. So we meet in the middle at new restaurants and/or go and visit and stay the whole night. That way we can open a bottle of wine and not have to worry! Have a good weekend!

  8. On my recent girlfriends' getaway, downsizing and moving away was the #1 topic of conversation. Having just moved back to town, I'm hoping that everyone just stays put!!


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