Friday, July 6, 2018

2 Cities, 2 Showers









Bridal Shower number one was in Grand Rapids, home of Megan's fiancé and held at a beautiful country club on the outskirts of the city. The hostesses were two of Megan's future aunts. Upon arrival, we were handed mimosas and then served a delicious salad with chicken, dried cherries and raspberry vinagrette. There were cupcakes for dessert, that were enjoyed while we watched Megan and Adam open presents. One special touch, was a jar with slips of paper next to it, that everyone could write best wishes or memories for Megan. They received so many lovely things and the best part - we were able to fit everything in Adam's car for the trip back to Pittsburgh.










Bridal shower number two was the next day in Ann Arbor, Megan and Adam's college town. This shower was hosted by my sister, my sister in law and my daughter Melissa, Megan's maid of honor. We chose a unique location in a basement wine cellar that is called "The Bubble Room", because of the hand blown glass balls on the ceiling. My sister picked all the flowers from her beautiful gardens and made arrangements in the Hoosier and milk glass vases that she collects. We also played a cute game where the groom had previously answered questions and the bride had to guess what he said.

We had a mimosa bar and a menu with three choices; a salmon scramble, chicken and waffles or a mixed berry crossaint french toast. The dessert was carrot cake from Zingerman's, a famous Ann Arbor deli. Once again, Adam and Megan received many wonderful gifts and this time, we were able to fit everything in Megan's car.

I did get a liitle emotional during presents, because I had given Megan one special gift that meant a lot to both of us. Over twenty years ago, when my girls were in preschool, we compiled and sold cookbooks as a fundraiser. One of my friends suggested that it would be a great idea to purchase a cookbook and save it to give to our daughters at their future bridal shower. My note to Megan said that we are now at a day that seemed so far away then, but I couldn't be happier for her now.

It was two beautiful and joyous days, with so much love for the happy couple.

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Both showers looks gorgeous. That bubble room is really neat -- is that the name of the restaurant or just that room? We'd love that. I am hoping she had a large car because they needed one! It must be loads of fun for you and of course for her. The cookbook idea is just fabulous.

    1. The bubble room is a private event space at Vinology, right on Main Street.

  2. They are both so pretty! Showers and weddings are so much more creative and fun these days.

  3. What a lovely shower! Yes, for each of my daughter's showers, I made them a recipe book, filled with all of the family favorite recipes. :)

  4. That is such an incredible gift idea - I would have cried too! Beautiful showers and ladies!

  5. Both showers sounded great. Love for the first one cupcakes were served. To me it's like getting your own cake.

    Such a touching moment I'm sure with cookbook.


  6. Both look lovely. And what a special gift.

  7. Wow... wedding showers sure have changed since back in my day! Both settings are gorgeous and how wonderful to share the fun with so many!! The cookbook gift would have made my tear up too. What a great idea that was!

  8. Two wonderful settings . . .
    In one word . . .

  9. The parties look so lovely, so glad your beautiful daughter was spoiled and celebrated in style.

  10. Oh, my goodness! I LOVED the cookbook idea! That is so sweet and something I'm sure your daughter will always treasure. I hope you are enjoying all the pre-wedding festivities!

  11. I know how special these days are for you...I was tearing up over everything when my Emily got married. It's like you are passing on your daughter to someone else, a life and a future you want for them, but a little nostalgic, too. The cookbook idea was fantastic. I also enjoyed your photos and ideas, so I may pass on to my other daughter when she gets married a year from now!

    Jane x

  12. How lovely and what a great gift idea. Perhaps Megan will consider passing it on to her daughter at her bridal shower and start a family tradition.


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