Thursday, July 12, 2018

July So Far




The day before the 4th of July, we had a new palm tree put in and I hope we have finally found one that will thrive in this spot. This is try number three and it's very odd, because palm trees basically grow like weeds here in tropical Florida. This one has a warranty and is being watched closely by the landscape company. It wouldn't be a Florida house without a palm tree, right?



I wrote about our sailboat trip on my birthday weekend post, but I found this photo on the Sail Venice Facebook page and thought it was a good one to share. We love retirement and Florida and this photo just about sums it up.





There are three shows that I am watching this summer and loving them all. First, the second season of Anne with an E is on Netflix. The cast is wonderful and while this new season doesn't follow too closely with the original Anne of Green Gables, it still is a lovely period piece.

The Great British Baking Show is back on PBS and it is just as good as ever. Delicious bakes and sweet contestants in all their quirky, British glory, make this one of my all time favorite shows.

Season two of Marcella is also on Netflix and while I haven't started it yet, it's next on my list. Season one was very good. It's a dark and gritty police drama with an interesting and flawed heroine. In my opinion, British crime shows are just so much better than those in America.



Speaking of British crime shows, I am a big fan of Shetland and caught up with the current season a few months ago. While I am waiting for Netflix to add the newest season, I decided to read the books that the tv show is based on. I'm finding the books quite different and a favorite character (Tosh) is missing, but the writing is really good and the use of different points of view, moves the story along very well. I'm on book three, so I will be enjoying this series for awhile.

Happy Thursday!



  1. You’re a local celeb! I’ve got to remember to catch the baking show! When does it come on?

    1. I'm not sure when it actually airs, but I watch it on the PBS app. All the episodes for this season are available. I think it's up to the 5th episode right now?

  2. Thanks for the tips on the British crime shows and books. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Why is it on TV cooking and baking shows they don't leave a bit of food on the side of the TV for us to taste?

    God bless.

  4. Love the Great British Baking Show. I hope PBS adds the remaining two seasons with Mary and Paul.

  5. Thanks for the info on the Brit crime shows.I love them too and just got netflix so I'll look out for them. And isn't GBBS the BEST? I love Paul and Mary (Rick has some of Paul's bread books and they really work. Someday I'll get a Mary Berry!) If I could meet a selection of famous people, Paul and/or Mary would be on my list!

    1. If you are new to Netflix for sure watch Broadchurch and Happy Valley! Great female detectives/policewomen.

  6. I love the British mystery’s also. They are my favorites!! Have you watched Midsummer Murders? I have watch all 19 seasons. It’s more light hearted then some but I love their lives in the villages. Thank you for recommending the other show, I’ll check them out. Hugs,

  7. We love British TV. Doc Martin, Foyle's War, Call the Midwife are favorites. We just discovered the Dorrell's of Corfu and loving it!

  8. Hi Vicki! Oh my, we love the British crime shows too and have subscribed to AcornTV and BritBox both. The dramas are some of the best, as well. I need to check out Marcella but we have watched Shetland. Good stuff! Thanks for the reviews!

  9. Love the Sailing Picture Press . . .
    Nice picture . . .
    Plus . . . I always enjoy your current “reads and watches.”

  10. That really is a pretty palm...good luck. I have a few here at the lake that I bring into the little guest house over the winter...they do quite well and we have that tropical feeling!

    I enjoyed reading about your birthday and that boating trip sounded fabulous! Do you have your own boat?

    Thanks for the tips on TV programs. At home I'm up late trying to catch things On Demand. Here at the lake I can't seem to get anything on demand any recent than 2 weeks ago! So I look for new things to watch.

    Have a wonderful July!


  11. Love the palm tree, I hope this one will thrive! A boat ride sounds delightful. Have a blessed day dear Vicki, HUGS!

  12. Good to hear that you enjoy Marcella. I loved it but it hasn't been all that popular here in the UK. Another excellent crime drama is Unforgotten. The third series begins tonight.

  13. The Brits do TV SO MUCH BETTER than America. I completely agree.


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