Friday, January 4, 2013

They Know Me Well


I think I am the easiest person in the world to buy gifts for, because I have a wide range of interests. Simple things like a pretty candle, a scarf or a book on my wish list, all make me happy. I also have a love for handmade items and enjoy receiving a one of a kind piece from an art and craft fair. My daughters were so thoughtful this Christmas and showed me that they know me well. Their gifts to me were special and unique - both pieces of art, I will treasure for years to come.

Megan's gift to me was this handmade metal snowflake from an artisan co-op store. It has a little bit of sparkle and I added some pretty white ribbon and twine, so I could hang it on the sliding door in my kitchen. This is something I will enjoy every winter as it sparkles in the sunshine and reflects the snow outside.

Melissa's gift to me was this hand painted sign, from an Etsy shop. This song lyric is from the musical, Guys and Dolls, and has special meaning for us. When my girls were little, this is the song I would sing to them, at night, before they went to sleep. It is hanging in in my laundry room and it makes me smile every day.

The best gifts are not the ones that cost the most, but the ones that show that the giver thought about you and what makes you happy.

Have a great weekend!



  1. I LOVE that sign! What a thoughtful gift.

  2. I love your sign. My grandma used to sing that song to me all the time. I actually teared up when I read it :) So sweet.

  3. My Sister said that to me when I was little:) and to my Grandchildren! Love gifts that show how much thought was put into it NOT the cost! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Love both those is really special when they are gifts from the heart like that. Have a great weekend!

  5. Gorgeous ornament--my writing pals always give me gifts like that--so thoughtful and perfect.

  6. That is so true. Those are thoughtful gifts, the ones we really enjoy. And btw, I love that sign.

  7. The sign almost brought tears to my eyes -- my mom used to sing that to me at bedtime, too!

  8. These are wonderful and thoughtful gifts. My daughter and I are huge fans of Etsy and we find the most unique handcrafted things. I gave my other daughter a key chain for Christmas from an Etsy shop that has "Love You More" on it. That is something we have always said to each other and has such special meaning!

    Happy Weekend!

  9. Very nice and thoughtful gifts. Those are the best kind. ;)

  10. And a barrel and a hee.... a barrel and a hee... (forgot the rest. I used to play my sister's records) - you bet yer purdy neck I do. (See? The words from the song are just bubbling up from somewhere.) That is one OLD song. It's from some Broadway play from the 50's, I think. Guys and Dolls, maybe? Well, anyway, thanks for the walk down memory lane. Following. Coming from the blog "talk". Linda

  11. what great gifts- and supporting small business- double yay :)

  12. I love that idea of a sign with lyrics from your favorite old song.

  13. Those are wonderful gifts and so meaningful ~ it sounds like you have 2 very sweet daughters! Thanks so much for visiting me, Vicki!

  14. OMG!!!! This is the saying that started with my husband and I and has been a staple "saying" between my kids and I!!!!
    Could you please send me the etsy link to where ya'll found this? Would so love to get one for each of my children..

  15. Thanks for stopping by to follow me, so I came to your site and what do I see???!!
    "love you a bushel and a peck"
    My grandmother always wrote that to me and it is on my blog to thank those that leave comments,
    that really got me.

  16. Very lovely gifts. They do indeed know you well.


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