Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thoughts for year's goals, diabetes, etc.


  • The new year makes me introspective about my life and while I never do resolutions, I think it is helpful to focus on a few goals that help me continue to simplify and focus on what is important. I have made a lot of changes in the past couple of years, since my Diabetes diagnosis, that help reduce my stress and improve my health. These goals reinforce my path to a healthy and calm life. 1. Continue to walk every day - even when the weather is bad. It is so good for my mental health and reduces stress. 2. Take a knitting class and re-learn how to knit - another great stress reducer. 3. Be in the moment with my daughters and just listen when they come to me - listen and then let it go. 4. Continue to eat healthy and low carb.
  • Speaking of Diabetes, the holidays were not my friend. There were a few too many cookies, martinis and assorted carb filled meals in the month of December. It is time to get back on track. I will not feel guilty, because overall I did great and did not gain any weight. I just feel better when I eat better :-)
  • Last night, my daughters and I continued the holiday fun. We were given a gift certificate for Painting with a Twist and decided to go while both girls were still home this week. We had a lot of fun and each painted the picture of a wine glass and bottle, you see in the photo. I am not an artist at all, but the instruction is simple and all three turned out great. It was a fun mother, daughter outing.
Happy Thursday!



  1. It sounds like when you decide to do something you are good about sticking to it. Thats where I have a problem I want to do and be better but lack the motivation to keep going. I'm hoping 2013 is different! Love the painting project what a fun outing!

  2. I got a gift certificate to painting with a twist for Christmas and I cannot wait to go!! Your paintings turned out great!!

  3. Happy New Year! I managed to make it through the holidays with out a single cookie, piece of fudge, stuffing or mash potatoes, etc. Whew. I had a few extra Atkin's Bars. Boy those help. Keep up the good work. It's worth it :) Painting with a Twist, sounds like a fun place! Love the paintings you did!

  4. Good for you not going to overboard for the holidays with eating (its so easy to do!!)
    Love the wine glass paintings and i am a little envious.. they look gorgeous!

  5. Starting the year out with eating healthy is a great goal, but hard after all the sweets and filling foods we have had over the holidays. I do feel the need to be active though, especially with the cold weather making me sort of sluggish. And exercise is definitely a stress reducer...the more time I have on my hands, the more I worry!


  6. I'm like you Vicki. I don't do resolutions but do like to set a few goals. However, I haven't even had time to set any this year.
    You and the girls did a great job on your paintings!

  7. Happy New year Vicki!!! What a great gift! The paintings look amazing.

    I too am trying to reach a healthier lifestyle. Months ago I was told that I am at high risk for heart disease. Kinda scary. I went off of the medications that were making me sick and now I am trying my hardest to improve it by making better eating choices. I just have to kill those cigarettes that I sneak out on the back deck. I'm working on it.

    Good luck to you!!
    Have a great weekend.

  8. The paintings are fab! This is my first time visiting and I love the blog!

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