Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday




My experiment in forcing forsythia blooms is working! After six days of looking like nothing much was happening, suddenly the buds began to get plump and when I woke up one morning there were actually green leaves and flowers. So pretty and springlike and I am happy I tried it this year. It's not too late for this method if your forsythia has not yet bloomed.



This little angel lost her two year fight with cancer yesterday, and if you followed the NCAA Basketball Tournament at all, you probably heard her story. At MSU, she was known as Princess Lacey and had an amazing relationship with basketball player Adreian Payne. She called him superman and did as much for him as he did for her. Her beautiful smile and spirit could light up the whole basketball arena and she will never be forgotten at MSU. Her story and the impact she had in her short life is told nicely in this newspaper article.


My 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge is moving right along, slowly, but surely. My big project yesterday was my laundry room - both cabinets and coat closet. I managed to find 4 bags - one to donate and 3 to toss. I found old shoes, outdated appliance manuals and many cleaning supplies past their prime. Having another area clean and organized is always a great feeling and the extra space is welcome. Today, I tackle a file cabinet in the basement that hadn't been touched in years.



I am surprised that I am still enjoying The Real Housewives of New York City this season. I really thought I was done with the housewives shows, but this version feels more interesting and less forced. Also, since I went to New York City this past summer, the locations give me glimpses of that wonderful city, in all its summertime glory. This week's episode included some silly scenes of the Mermaid Festival at Coney Island and was fun to see.


Happy Thursday!



  1. Forsythia is one of my favorites to force, and super simple. Ours is on the tail-end now, with most of the blooms fading. Was saddened to hear of Lacey's passing, but yes, she has made a lasting impact on many.

  2. Forsythia is a beautiful plant, I've never tried to grow it though. I too was very sad to hear of Lacey's passing, I saw a ESPN special program on her impact on the team.

  3. So sad to read about Lacey's passing such a sweet angel she is. Congrats on the forsythia bloom....we don't have any, wonder if my neighbor will mind me clipping a few! Happy Thursday!

  4. Sooo sad about that beautiful little girl. As far as RHNY - I agree a pretty good season. Isn't that new one, Amanda (?) a whacko!! Aviva is showing a new side to herself this season.. Have a wonderful Thursday, Vicki!!

  5. Every time I read your posts about your cleaning and sorting, I think I'm going to get going on that - but I never seem to get it done. Good for you!

  6. I stopped cleaning when I packed...but filled a few while packing!!!! You really have been busy!...:)JP

  7. Vicki ~ I love forsythia! It is not blooming in my backyard yet. I did hear about Lacey passing away. It's all so sad and uplifting too. I know I only just started following your blog but I didn't realize you must live in or be from Michigan. I am too!! It's always exciting to find other bloggers from Michigan. Anyway, have a great day. ~ Jamie

  8. I am happy to hear that your forsythia is blooming:) Your are bringing Spring to the inside of your home!

    I am SO sorry to hear that little angel lost her battle with Cancer:( I saw her story on TV. SO SAD!

    Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!


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