Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Future Flowers





There is something about the weeks between Valentine's Day and the beginning of March that have me dreaming of spring. And especially flowers. Of course, when I look out my window this morning, all I see is snow and intellectually I know that in Michigan there is still a lot of winter to get through, since we may even see snow in April. But, my emotions take over, and I start to dream of gardening, sunshine and vases filled with freshly cut flowers.

For the past few years, any additions to my garden must have two criteria. They must be long lasting for beautiful color all season and they must be cutting flowers. More than anything, I love to put together sweet vases of mixed bloom flowers, right from my backyard. My plan is to add some new varieties and also add to some favorites from last year.


Zinnias - perfect for cutting and so colorful




A new addition - Yarrow




Pretty Dahlias - in shades of pink




More sweet Daisies - they always bloom on my birthday



Hurry Spring!


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  1. Oh SPRING sure brings flowers to my mind:) I also like to plant things that last! I will start planning my garden soon! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. I was just putting some zinnia seeds to start yesterday. I love them so much and hope to have enough for cutting this summer too.

  3. I agree: Hurry Spring! I love (and need!) to see flowers this time of year. Thanks for a bright spot to start the morning.

  4. I am right there with you. Plan to rework our herb garden, and would love to plant more flowers for cutting too.

  5. Bright sunshine here on the Western side today . . .
    Sure put some " spring" in my step . . .
    As did that great grand birth . . .

  6. That's funny - I wrote about new flowers for my garden today too! And one that I forgot to put on the list is dahlias. I keep meaning to add some. That's it, I'm going to order mine today!

  7. It really is the truth---we have very long winters around here and slow springs...suddenly in May we are rushed to plant so we have something blooming by mid June!

    I love zinnias, I plant the annuals. And I'm going to look for the yarrow. I remember seeing it last year---it's beautiful.

    Hang in there!


  8. Isn't nature amazing with all those seeds waiting under the cold wintry soil just waiting to burst from that chilly earth, popping up their smiley and happy faces to greet won't be long now. I have loved visiting your lovely blog and smiling at the gorgeous photos of all those lovely flowers!

  9. We will start the garden flowers on the front porch in a small portable greenhouse in a few weeks. Last year I planted Japanese Lanterns which should do something this year. We always plant tons of marigolds for bedding and tall ones for cutting. I reuse the seeds of the Zinnias blossoms I like. Can't wait to get started, Thanks, Sandi

  10. Every flower photo is beautiful.

    Unfortunately the primary concern for our garden is "is it drought tolerant". That doesn't always leave me with my favorite flowers.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  11. Oh, I am ready for spring too! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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