Thursday, February 21, 2013

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Things I am thinking about today...

  • My husband gave me this colorful African Violet for Valentine's Day and I am loving the prettiness of it sitting on my kitchen window sill. Flowers make me happy, especially ones that last. Does anyone have any tricks for keeping African Violets healthy? I have a green thumb outside, but inside with any house plant - not so much : -)
  • This picture of the happy, little Crawley family from Downton Abbey makes me sad. I had read the spoilers and knew what was coming, but it was still a shock. My fear for season four, is that the softer side of Lady Mary will be lost with Matthew and she will become bitter and mean. I have read that the story will pick up six months after Matthew's death, so it will be interesting to see how the family is coping. Too bad we have to wait until January 2014 to find out!
  • My book club meets tonight and I am reading fast and furious to finish The Language of Flowers. I like it, though it is a little depressing how damaged the main character is, from growing up in the foster care system. The use of foreshadowing makes it an interesting read, as the chapters switch from past to present. As always, our discussion should be a good one.
  • The 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge is moving right along. So far I have emptied the dressers in my guest room of old Halloween costumes and school uniforms. Megan helped organize a linen closet too. Our count is 4 bags to donate and 2 bags of trash.

Happy Thursday!



  1. Beautiful flower:) Hope you get the book finished in time! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. I haven't grown African violets in a while, but I was always told to water them from the bottom using a tray/bowl. I've read they can be watered from the top too, but dont' leave water on the leaves. There is an African Violet liquid food you can get too (they love to be fertilized). They like bright light but no direct sun.
    I'm new to Downtown Abbey this season but I was shocked at the ending. Seems like this family is stricken with constant tragedies!

  3. Downton Abbey was so sad.....leaving us dangling and wondering how Mary will cope.

    My mother used to grow African Violets. She had them in a north window and watered them by putting them in a basin with warmish water. She fed them African Violet food. They tended to multiply in the pot and get crowded. She simply took it out of the pot and divided into, sometimes, many plants. She could start a new plant with just a leaf. They can become addictive.

    I love that you do little book reviews. I have read a couple of your suggestions and have enjoyed them.Please keep it up.

    Have a great day.

  4. African violets appreciate bright, indirect light; moist soil; and humidity. They do not like to have their leaves wet, though.

    I keep hearing about Downton Abbey; I really should watch it sometime!

  5. I have never seen Downtown Abbey but I think I am missing something. Love the violets and it is nice to here your 40 bags challenge is coming along. Good for you. B

  6. I couldn't believe they knocked off Matthew!
    Pretty little plant.
    And way to bag it;)

  7. Vicky, can I tell you how sad I am about Downton Abby??? It is aweful that Matthew left the show too!! I so agree that Mary is going to go down a spiral hole...thanks for sharing that the next season starts up six months after his death. I didn't know this. Have a great weekend.

  8. I was so sad to see Matthew crash in the last episode...he was so happy!!?..:)JP

  9. I haven't gotten into Downtown Abbey but wish I had from the beginning. When it started I didn't have the time. I love violets but can't keep them blooming. Wondering what the secret is.


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