Tuesday, February 12, 2013



This past weekend was spent supporting Melissa and the Michigan State University Pompon team as they competed in the Collegiate Championship. It began Friday night with a dress rehearsal at MSU, followed by dinner to celebrate my sister's birthday. Melissa came home with us after dinner and was able to relax and recharge at home, on Saturday.

On Sunday, the day of the competition, the team met for a unity breakfast, then headed to check in at the arena. Melissa was nervous, but confident in her team and all the practice they had put in. They were ready, as returning champions, to defend their title.

After a great performance, it was up to the judges. When the results were announced, MSU placed 2nd in the competition and this is where we became proud as both parents and MSU alumni. Sometimes the greater test of character comes in how a loss is handled, rather than a win. The team showed tremendous class and made us proud to be Spartans. Melissa came away holding her head high, knowing they had given it their best, and that is the greatest accomplishment.

When your children participate in sports, over the years you see the highs and lows; both wins and losses. You give many pep talks and teach good sportsmanship. It is the hope that they will win, as well as lose with grace. These girls on Sunday, learned these lessons well, and made us extremely proud.

Have a great day!



  1. When we witness Grace in the midst of disappointment, loss, sadness it is tender indeed. You have a right to feel proud of your daughter and her team . . .

  2. I love what Lynne said - it is true - your daughter should feel proud.

  3. 2nd place is still awesome! Congratulations. I know what you mean about losses and test of character. Those lessons will serve all of those girls well as they go into the world and have to face even bigger losses or tests.

  4. I think 2nd place is an accomplishment! :D I know you must be proud.

  5. Congratulations to the teams 2nd place win. That is awesome.

  6. Class & Grace always wins, no matter what the score says. =) How proud you must be! Congratulations to the pom pom team for a great showing.

  7. I bet it is fun to watch! I'm sure they were a very close second and handling it with grace is an accomplishment in itself!

  8. I so enjoyed your post, Vicki! Very well said ;) You & your daughter both have much to be proud of, she did her best & you enjoyed seeing your girl perform with excellence, then carry herself gracefully with dignity after judging. Beautiful photo of you both :) Happy (belated) Birthday to your sister as well! Sounds like it was a wonderful weekend with family! Thanks for sharing :)


  9. Lovely post...you must be very proud:)

  10. My kids played sports their whole growing up years with my husband as their coach many years. We always said that you learn more by losing than winning. Many losing seasons eventually lead to winning, but it was the journey that was most worthwhile. Congrats to your daughter's team. Ann

  11. What a pretty girl. You must be so proud of her and her accomplishments. What fun to be able to attend events like this and proudly watch your daughter.

  12. Great post. Thanks for sharing this accomplishment with us. I know your proud!!!

  13. I know you are proud of their performance and the way they handled 2nd place! They are all winners to us:) Have a blessed evening, HUGS!

  14. Congratulations! You must be SO proud!


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