Monday, April 8, 2013

Ann Arbor Favorites


Since the Michigan Wolverines will be playing in the NCAA Basketball National Championship game tonight, it seemed a great opportunity to point out some of our favorite places in Ann Arbor. Megan attended the University of Michigan for her undergrad studies and we got to know the city fairly well, over those four years. We attended many tailgates, parents weekends and breakfasts, lunches and dinners out.

Ann Arbor is the quintessential college town, with many great bars and restaurants for both the students and the diverse residents that call it home. We also love to go there on a nice summer evening and take advantage of the many outdoor dining opportunities. It is a place to take a stroll down Main Street and either people watch or take in an impromptu concert, right on the sidewalk. If you are lucky enough to be there on a football Saturday, in the fall, you will be able to experience the picture perfect Midwestern small town day.

My favorites include left, Savas for a great eclectic menu and a wonderful atmosphere, top right, Palio for the delicious Italian cuisine, as well as the sangria on the rooftop deck and bottom right, Angelo's, an Ann Arbor institution for breakfast, with a line out the door on weekends and game days.

Megan's favorites include top left, The Jolly Pumpkin Cafe & Brewery, a great place for vegetarian food and beer sampling, top right, The Broken Egg, a great breakfast spot in the historic Kerrytown neighborhood, bottom left, Sadako for fresh and delicious sushi and bottom right, The Blue Leprechaun, the perfect bar for watching the big game or that special birthday celebration.

There are so many more great restaurants and bars, all with that unique Ann Arbor atpmosphere. Ann Arbor will definitely be in a party mood, for tonight's big game. Good luck to the Michigan Wolverines tonight and Happy Monday!


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  1. Perfect post timing with great info for "go to" places in Ann Arbor . . . Exciting game tonight . . .

  2. Go Blue! I love Ann Arbor...and on game days it's such an experience. I know you (also) have a love for "the other" school, but there's nothing like A squared!!! Some of those places were not there back in the day, so I will have to check them out...

  3. This was a fun post. I enjoyed seeing and hearing about some of the places you like to go to in Ann Arbor.
    Michigan has a tremendous basketball team (as they do many years). I hope they get the victory tonight.

  4. Fun post!We probably could share many stories about the college years! LOL Please visit me and join my site!

  5. College cities always have interesting shops and good eats. Hoping for a win for y'all.

  6. Oh yes, they are playing in my town:) Just a bit late for me... I will try to keep my eyes open! I know it will be a great game to watch! Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

  7. Looks like a town that I would love too! That's a great picture of you andyhour daughter.

  8. I've always wanted to go to Ann Arbour - love college towns. Thanks for the tips.

    go Wolverines!!

  9. I've spent a lot of time in Ann Arbor over the years - it was always one of my favorite places to go. I went to school at EMU, just down the road from Ann Arbor. Ypsilanti, though nice, couldn't hold a candle to the wonderful sights and sounds of Ann Arbor.

    I was cheering for them in the tournament. Though they didn't win, they did extraordinarily well and I know they will be a force next year, as well.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  10. There is nothing quite like a college town!

    Susan and Bentley


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