Friday, April 12, 2013

Just A Little Sugar


When you are diabetic, finding ways to limit sugar in your diet is a way of life. That is why I take every chance I can to cook and bake with healthier ingredients, so I don't have to feel deprived. I also believe in portion control - I only have one cookie and incorporate it into my carb count for that meal or snack. Actually, this philosophy is not just for a diabetic - everyone can benefit from less sugar in their food choices. And, being aware of the sugar ( carb) content by reading labels and nutrition information on recipes.

I baked these Oatmeal Raisin cookies with the Splenda brown sugar blend, as well as a Stevia and white sugar blend. Both have the regular, sugar texture I look for in a sugar substitute and I can't tell the difference in the taste of the cookies. If you are looking to limit your sugar intake, they are great alternatives. Any favorite cookie recipe can be made with these substitutions.

Other good substitute sweeteners to use when baking are agave nectar, honey or maple syrup.

Really, there are so many great alternative sweeteners; you can still have that cake or cookie, but not the guilt!

Have a great weekend - we will be in the midst of rain, thunderstorms and even some predicted snow. A good excuse to stay warm and dry inside and watch the Masters golf tournament from the sunny south :-)


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  1. These sound delish!! I always love good recipes. Love your blog!

  2. Cookies sound good. It is freezing rain here. Where"s Spring:) ? B

  3. Looking and sounding delicious . . . Happy "rain weekend" and the Masters . . .

  4. I've never cooked with a substitute...are the proportions the same or do you use less of the splenda? The cookies definitely look good : )

  5. I have never seen the brown sugar substitute. Sugar is something I want to move out of our diet! Thnaks for the info!

  6. I didn't even know they had a brown sugar substitute Vicki. Always learn something new when I stop by. Hope your weather improves and have a great weekend. Ann

  7. I've used the white Splenda with some success in the past, but haven't tried the brown. It sounds like a great idea. Question: does it whip up well with the buter?

    As for the Masters......the weather is perfect for watching it even if you're not a golf fan, just for the azaleas and rhododendrons blooming. Gorgeous.

    Go Tiger!!!!

  8. It sounds like you have a lovely weekend ahead. Doesn't the Master's course look gorgeous all green and lush?

    I've not yet baked with Spenda or sugar substitutes. It sounds like you've had great success and I'm going to give it a go! Thanks Vicki :)

  9. Those cookies look yummy. I've used Splenda before and found it to be good - I'm not sure why I so rarely use it. I admire your ability to eat one cookie - cookies are a weakness for me. Sigh, I really need to work on this.

  10. Hi Vicki,

    These look delicious! Splenda is such a great sugar alternative and because the sweetness factor is high .. you use less:) Sounds like you do an excellent job of managing your health. Portion control is important for us all.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  11. These look great. I haven't baked with Splenda, but will begin to look at recipes.


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