Wednesday, April 10, 2013



source, The Wheatfield

It is funny how inspiration happens. You can have a vague idea, that moves around in your thoughts - not quite formed, just on the edge of your consciousness. I have been pondering ideas for an update to my kitchen. Nothing drastic; paint, new curtains and a few decorative items. We have almost new appliances, countertops and a wood floor that I still love and the cabinets were painted a creamy white a few years ago. The basics are there, it is just time for a change.

I saw this print with the wildflowers, and immediately knew this was the inspiration I had been looking for. Wildflowers, natural elements, pale yellow walls and white pottery. Simple and calming, yet bright and cheerful at the same time.


The kitchen photo above has a very similar look to my existing cabinets and countertops. I love the buttery yellow paint color. The grass cloth could accent the wall above my built in kitchen desk.



I am picturing a lot of white pottery and natural elements. A clock in my kitchen is essential and something oversized and a little aged would work well.

source, Calico Corner

These possible curtain fabrics, with the wildflower elements found in the inspiration print, would add softness and warmth to the room. I love making curtains and can't wait to get my hands on some pretty fabric.

The weather is still not quite painting weather here, so this will wait for a few months, but I can visualize the final result and it makes me happy. For now, I will order the print that inspired me :-)

Happy Wednesday!



  1. This is a dangerous post . . . I too may get inspired. I love the soft yellow, with the whites and the fabric prints. I also like the idea of a desk in the kitchen area . . . (see how dangerous this could be . . .)

  2. Happy Wednesday to you too Vicki! I am also looking around to find small changes to "Spring Up" the place! Thanks for the inspiration! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  3. I love your ideas. I've been bitten by the same bug, only I've been adding some cheer to my laundry room. I'm almost done, then I'll post about it.

  4. Good Afternoon Vicki, Snap! My kitchen is painted a buttery yellow and I have white kitchen units...but then our tastes differ as I have a lot of blue and white in my kitchen....items I've collected over the years. When the sun shines the buttery yellow on the walls looks gorgeous.
    Have a lovely day,
    Best Wishes

  5. Love it you certainly have amazing taste....I wish my kitchen was white.....and that yellow! Have a wonderful day!

  6. hi vicki... so glad that you checked out the wheatfield... it's hard to make a decision once you're there... so many great prints to choose from... her work is amazing! looks like you're on your way to a very cheerful kitchen...
    angie :)

  7. Love that print! Such pretty inspiration. Sounds like you have a plan. Best wishes for the rest of the week, Tammy

  8. Such an inspirational print! Can't wait to see the pics.

  9. That is a lovely wildflower print. A great inspiration piece!

  10. Lovely ideas Vicki. Planning is half the fun! Ann

  11. It's going to be gorgeous, Vicki. I love the idea of the botanical prints and the buttery yellow. So bright and sunny (especially on a dull rainy day like we're having today).

  12. There are many different curtain fabrics available with great designs from brands such as Sanderson and Harlequin. One of my very favourite fabric ranges is Harlequin Tembok


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